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Knowitall Media – Weekly Topics Presented All Through April – in Collections

April 23, 2016 - Posted in Education by Mimi Brown
Knowitall Media Collections page

In April, Knowitall Media will highlight four very timely Collectionswith a different topic featured each week.

We think it's the perfect time to focus on a healthy lifestyle, so first up is Knowitall Healthy! 

For National Poetry Month, we’ll introduce you to our new Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection, which features writers and poets you won’t want to miss—and please note that this collection will continue to grow!

For Earth Day & Environmental Awareness, we’ll offer Roots in the River: The Story of Congaree National Park and Saving Sandy Island – and others you may not have discovered!

Beginning April 23, we’ll offer Holocaust Remembrance, which includes the documentary Seared Souls: South Carolina Voices of the Holocaust, as well as the unedited footage of interviews conducted with Holocaust survivors, and those who liberated the concentration camps or witnessed the atrocities that took place.  

Please note: The Collections are available throughout the year. We’re just highlighting these in April. You can find them at any time here.

April 1-7, 2016                  Knowitall Healthy!

April 8-14, 2016                Libraries, Literature & Learning  

April 15-22, 2016              Earth Day | Environmental Awareness

April 23-May 8, 2016       Holocaust Remembrance



It’s the perfect time of year to focus on a healthy lifestyle!

Youth Media Health Institute: As part of American Graduate, students produced short documentaries on healthy food, farms and gardens.

EdAware: Eat Smart, Move More: Discussions with experts in pediatrics, public health, health education, nutrition, and other health and nutrition resources

Flu PSAs: Four key flu prevention tips are highlighted in English and with Spanish subtitles, along with the Wash Hands Song with Danielle Howle. These reminders are good to review all through the year!

Healthy Hannah: Helps her friends make healthy choices about nutrition and physical activity



During National Poetry Month, we are introducing Knowitall Media’s new Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection. Please check back often, as many more programs will be added in the near future! At this time, the collection includes:


Archibald Rutledge | S.C. Hall of Fame: South Carolina’s first Poet Laureate

Joe Sample | Artopia: Explains Poetry & Rhythm

Poetry Workshop | Artopia: Eboni Ramm – Students in poetry workshop perform spoken word

Reeds Rise from Water | Artopia: Brian Rutenberg discusses a painting based on a poem

Singing Amazing Grace | Artopia: Eboni Ramm sings her jazz interpretation of Amazing Grace

Spoken Word Artist | Original SC: Tabu Hazel discusses the power in poetry

Talking About Amazing Grace | Artopia: Eboni Ramm discusses her poem and Amazing Grace

Tommy Scott Young | Conversations with S.C. Writers: Features the well-known S.C. poet and storyteller

William Gilmore Simms | S.C. Hall of Fame: S.C. poet, novelist and historian, well-known as a major force in antebellum Southern literature



Elizabeth Boatwright Coker | S.C. Hall of Fame: S.C. author of historical romance novels

Mary Simms Oliphant: Granddaughter of William Gilmore Simms; wrote the S.C. History textbook used in schools

Pat Conroy | S.C. Hall of Fame: Profile of the well-known South Carolina author

Robert Bass | S.C. Hall of Fame: One of the nation's leading scholars of the American Revolution in South Carolina

Walter Edgar | S.C. Hall of Fame: Professor of history and author, Dr. Walter Edgar



Pat Conroy & Biographer Catherine Seltzer | USC Press Series, Part 1: From the USC Press series, “Understanding Contemporary American Literature,” Part 1

Pat Conroy & Biographer Catherine Seltzer, Part 2 | USC Press Series, Part 2: From the USC Press series, “Understanding Contemporary American Literature,” Part 2

Pat Conroy: Spotlight on the Author | Palmetto Scene: Beryl Dakers interviews Pat Conroy and his biographer, Catherine Seltzer



ETV series and specials for Earth Day | Environmental Awareness, including:

A Natural State: Explores how people express a love for nature by shaping, twisting, carving, and weaving materials collected from the landscape

Climate Change: A Global Reality (additional segments coming soon): CNN’s John King hosts an expert panel as they examine the challenges and impacts of climate change. Extreme conditions, drought, floods, rising seas and hurricanes are part of the conversation.

Project Discovery Earth Day Special at Congaree National Park. A look at the history of the park and the diversity of life that flourishes in this protected bottomland forest and river system. 

Roots in the River: The Story of Congaree National Park: The story of South Carolina’s only national park, from the initial attempts to harvest the forest’s massive virgin cypresses in the 1890s, through the grass-roots struggles of the 1970s to preserve it, to its classification as a National Park in 2003

Saving Sandy Island: Documentary about the struggle to save an exceptional South Carolina island and its Gullah community from development



Our collection currently consists of the ETV documentary, Seared Souls: South Carolina Voices of the Holocaust, in 10 segments, as well as the unedited footage of interviews conducted with Holocaust survivors, and those who liberated the concentration camps or witnessed the atrocities that took place. The unedited interviews are under the title of S.C. Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust. More interviews are currently being added. Please check back often.

Seared Souls: South Carolina Voices of the Holocaust (Documentary)

S.C. Voices: Lessons from the Holocaust (Unedited Interviews)


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