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Knowitall Media Features Programs Commemorating The Orangeburg Massacre

February 4, 2016 - Posted in Education by Mimi Brown
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All through African American History Month, Knowitall Media will feature documentaries, series, collections and individual videos you'll want to be sure to view. 

Featured currently on Knowitall Media are three programs on The Orangeburg Massacre

The first, produced in 1993, is Tragedy at Orangeburg: 25 Years Later:  

Two reporters, Jack Bass and Jack Nelson authored the book, "The Orangeburg Massacre," which documented the events. The SCETV documentary features Cleveland Sellers, an organizer and activist who was not involved in the events that led up to the shootings, but was arrested, based on his prior involvement in SNCC, the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Included are interviews with Col. J,H. Lanier, retired, of the S.C. Highway Patrol; author Jack bass; Dean Livingston, editor of the Orangeburg Times & Democrat; photographer Cecil Williams; Dr. M. Maceo Nance, former President of S.C. State College; and John Stroman, former S.C. State College student. 

The other two  programs were produced on the 40th anniversary, as a commemoration:   

Orangeburg Massacre | Project Discovery and Orangeburg Massacre | The Big Picture 

Each program is different and contains interviews that are revealing and confounding, and each person interviewed assists us toward a better understanding of this story and the impact it has had on all of our lives.

* Please Note: These programs may not be suitable for all audiences. 


In addition, we are offering Family Across the Sea:

This award-winning program explores the remarkable connections between the Gullah of the South Carolina/Georgia Sea Islands and the people of West Africa, particularly those of Sierra Leone. Taped in South Carolina and Africa, the program traces the truly unparalleled historical connection and continued relationship from the time of slavery. The development of these two cultures is examined over the course of time, considering aspects of language, culture, folkways, and music common to both sides of this "family." 


During African American History Month, Knowitall Media is featuring the following programs:

Please visit these SERIES to learn more about specific aspects of our African American History. 

Arianne King Comer (Dyemaker and Batik) | A Natiral State

Civil Rights Youth Media Summit

Family Across the Sea

Gullah Net

Mary McLeod Bethune

Modjeska Simkins

Road Trip Through South Carolina Civil Rights History

Saving Sandy Island

Civil Rights Movement | S.C. Hall of Fame

Tuskegee Airmen


Also, not to be missed are our COLLECTIONS, which include the content areas:

African American History Collection

Civil Rights in South Carolina

Confederate Flag: S.C. History


We also offer content under these TOPICS, which are important in understanding our history. 

Brigs v. Elliott

Friendship Nine


Orangeburg Massacre

Penn Center

Slavery in South Carolina


These INDIVIDUAL VIDEOS also help to broaden our understanding: 

Ambrose E. Gonzales | Legacy of Leadership

Artist Ment Nelson | Original SC

Cane Maker | Original SC

Life on Daufuskie Island | Palmetto Scene

The Land - St. Helena Island | A Natiral State

The Land - Live Oak | A Natural State

The Land - Spanish Moss | A Natural State

The Land - Fishing Nets | A Natiural State

Saving Sandy Island, Part 9 - The Future 

Gullah Tales

Bossy Elephant in Gullah |Gullah Tales

Little Red Riding Hood in Gullah | Gullah Tales

The Three Little Pigs in Gullah | Gullah Tales

Gullah Music

Praise House | Gullah Music

Shake Em, Shake Em | Gullah Music


Next month, we will celebrate Women's History Month, so be sure to visit all through the month of March!

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