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Help Students Get ‘Organized’ for 21st Century Learning

February 8, 2016 - Posted in Education by Kathy Finger
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Graphic organizers can support critical thinking and problem solving; communication; collaboration; creativity; and innovation – all important skills for the 21st century. PBS TeacherLine’s recently updated course, TECH195: Graphic Organizers for 21st Century Learning, will show you how to use graphic organizers across the curriculum for all grade levels to help students organize ideas, convey complex concepts, progress through the writing process, and develop mathematical and scientific thinking skills. 

This course is offered, along with 20 others, to begin on February 17, 2016. Renewal and graduate credits are available.

Sample of other courses offered, including:

  • SCIE564:  Structure of the Earth System - STEM Professional Development from WGBH (5-12)
  • INST180:  Differentiated Instruction (K-12)
  • MATH522:  Teaching Math: A Special Collection from Annenberg Learner (K-2) 
  • RDLA192:  Improving Reading Comprehension (4-6)
  • TECH522:  Online Facilitator Training I: Mastering the Skills of Online Teaching (K-12)

View all the courses and learn more at

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