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PBS LearningMedia Features More Winter-Related Resources

December 20, 2015 - Posted in Education

PBS LearningMedia continues the celebration with a bonus week of winter content! Featured resources offer cool insights into temperature, snow, animals and more!

Art Can Teach History

What can art teach students about history? In the case of the painting, “Washington Crossing the Delaware,” a close analysis reveals quite a bit about America’s early days. This interactive lesson from WGBH and Mount Vernon, the historic home of Washington, helps students improve their skills with art-based source material and deepens their understanding of the American Revolution.

Examining cultural understandings of Washington reveals a series of collective memories, hopes and fears of the American populace. This vivid and famous piece of artwork allows your class to explore the strengths and limitations of historical sources, both primary and secondary. They will also see how historical accounts of the American Revolution differ from the way this artist portrayed the events, and the reasons why the artist made some of those choices. EXPLORE:

Organisms Adapt to Cold Habitat

Organisms that are best suited to their environment survive and reproduce with the greatest success. Any organisms that are not well suited to their environment soon die out. As a result of this natural selection, species evolve with particular traits—biological adaptations—that allow them to better survive in their habitats. One such adaptation is freeze tolerance, which allows certain organisms to survive in very cold habitats.

Take the common wood frog, for example, which are found in the northern United States and Canada. In this video from NOVA scienceNOW, students learn how the common wood frog endures freezing cold temperatures for parts of the year. In order to survive the cold, they have a special adaptation—they are able to freeze solid without damaging their cells. SEE HOW:

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