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January 18, 2015 - Posted in Education
Professional Development Courses

ETV Teacher Recertification offers a variety of courses to meet your certificate renewal needs as a South Carolina educator. Find our offerings for MATHEMATICS below or RETURN TO ETV TEACHER RECERTIFICATION

* NOTE: The “Register Now” links only work during valid registration periods as listed on our FAQ page.


The Missing Link, Grades 5-8

6-8 week session  
Recertification: 20 Renewal Credits
Cost: $75.00

This series of workshops is built in pairs. Each topic spans two workshops — the first is a "Discovery" program where the Learner Teachers investigate a mathematical concept and work on a number of problems related to that concept. The second program in each pair — "In Practice" — features the Learner Teachers sharing their own classroom experiences, working with different kinds of scoring guides and going deeper into each mathematical topic  (Annenberg/CPB produced).




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