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Inspirational School Bus Driver Featured on ETV’s ORIGINAL SC

October 7, 2015 - Posted in Education

Francine Jackson, a school bus driver for Lexington-Richland School District Five, was featured recently in a special segment on ETV’s ORIGINAL SC. Her story is one of caring and serving!

Francine Jackson is known to go the extra mile for students riding her “No. 6” school bus. She scours the stores and Internet for costumes to wear on holidays, just to see the looks on students’ faces, and she makes gift bags for her graduating students. And each student, more than 40 or so of them a day, gets a “good morning” and “have a good evening” as they step on and off her bus. All this has prompted the same question from family and other onlookers over the years – Is it too much? “No,” Jackson said. “If someone did something like this for you, wouldn’t you remember that person forever? I do it for them...the look on their faces. These are my kids, just like my grandbabies. Don’t mess with Bus 6.”

In 2013, Jackson was named Bus Driver of the Year for Lexington-Richland School District Five. Jackson waves off the compliment. “These kids do more for me than I do for them,” she said. After a difficult time coping with the death of her adult son a few years ago, Jackson says she returned only for her students, many of whom have ridden on her bus for years. The ride home is fifteen minutes of joy and excitement - filled with children vying to tell Jackson about their day, giggling clusters of elementary students, and an impromptu rendition of “Who Let the Dogs Out.”

Dr. Glenda Russell posted comments to ETV about this special segment: “So many times I have watched and wondered where our society was headed. But to watch this program, so well, done, so well spoken, lighting was perfect, the words seemed scripted EXCEPT that I know Mrs. Jackson and this is the way she actually speaks and feels … The love was evident and not just from her lips but the way in which the camera loved her and respected her.  It was incredible.”

Watch the video.


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