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Have You Visited Knowitall Media Yet? View Our Collections!

October 15, 2015 - Posted in Education

You probably already know that Knowitall Media features a wide assortment of video content from the original But did you know that we aren’t stopping there? We’re continually adding content that wasn’t previously made available on the original! Be sure to visit often and see what appeals to you!

Be sure to visit our Collections area, which makes it easy to find just the resources you need for Hispanic Heritage Month, Veterans Day, and Native American Heritage Month. And if you didn’t get to utilize a certain resource (for example, Constitution Day, which tends to come and go in maybe a nanosecond or so), be sure to come back to our Collections area and view any that you missed. Once the collections have been assembled, they will remain active on the Collections page, so you can always come back and view them at any time!

Knowitall Media features videos that are optimized for tablets and mobile devices. The videos are easy to locate by series title or website name, and can also be located by grade level, subject area and search term. You can also use our search engine, which makes searching a breeze! It’s available at the top of every page on Knowitall Media!

Here’s a feature of Knowitall Media that we know you’ll enjoy! When you select a series to view, and the first program in the series comes up, just scroll a little farther down and you’ll see MORE IN THIS SERIES. The arrows take you to all the subsequent videos. This makes it so quick to find exactly the program you need!

Videos available on Knowitall Media at this time include:

  • A Natural State
  • American Graduate
  • Artopia
  • Career Aisle
  • Carolina Money
  • Carolina Stories
  • Circle of Inheritance
  • Creating a Career with the Arts in Mind
  • Creating a Career with the Media Arts in Mind
  • EdAware
  • ETV Shorts
  • Eye Wonder
  • First Step, Next Step and Another Step: French, German and Spanish
  • Flu PSAs (English and Spanish)
  • Generations of Heroes
  • Gullah Net
  • Healthy Hannah
  • Hot Jobs
  • Idella Bodie’s South Carolina Women
  • James Otis Lecure Series
  • Kids Work!
  • Legacy of Leadership
  • NASA Connect Math Simulations
  • Original SC
  • Palmetto Leaders
  • Palmetto Scene
  • Pee Dee Explorer
  • Project Discovery Revisited
  • Road Trip Through S.C. Civil Rights History
  • Science Splash
  • Seared Souls: S.C. Voices of the Holocaust
  • South Carolina hall of Fame
  • Turner to Cezanne
  • Tuskegee Airmen
  • Web of Water
  • Zoo Minutes

We’re sure that you’ll want to consider using these videos in your classrooms, and you’ll also want to encourage your students to research and explore topics on their own! And remember, the videos on Knowitall Media will all play on tablets and mobile devices! Please take a look right now on your phone!

Be sure to visit our Teacher Resources here! And please remember that your feedback is important to us, and that we'd love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us at any time with your thoughts and ideas about ways we can help you, or with any questions or comments!

Also, be sure to check out our blog posts. They’re on the home page of Knowitall Media, Just scroll down! You can see them all here. Please note that we’re adding printable flyers to the blog posts, so that you can help your students to explore the Collections we offer, on their own! We’d appreciate it so much if you’d help us out by printing and posting the Hispanic Heritage Month and Veterans Day flyers around your school! A flyer for Native American Heritage Month will soon be available. And remember, the Collections are still available at any time!

And be sure to subscribe to our ed-news bulletin at You can select TV, Radio or Education…or select them all!


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