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Explore the Visual & Performing Arts on Knowitall Media!

December 11, 2015 - Posted in Education

Next up on Knowitall Media is our celebration of the Visual & Performing Arts!

This Subject Area offers sections featuring the following art forms:

In addition to the content found in the Visual & Performing Arts Subject Area, we also offer the following Series that we’re sure will be of interest to anyone who enjoys focusing on the arts!

A Natural State

A Natural State explores how people express a love for nature by shaping, twisting, carving, and weaving materials collected from the landscape. Some of the arts and crafts featured in A Natural State reveal the cultural heritage of South Carolina, while others employ concepts from the world of modern art.


Artopia is a comprehensive web-based arts experience designed for middle school students, covering the visual and performing arts. Students can view videos of professional artists, learn about the passion that drives them, gain a better understanding of their art form and what drew them to the arts, and learn a bit about the process of creating their specific works.

Creating a Career with the Arts in Mind

This series features South Carolina artists from eight career clusters, in panel discussions and individual artist biographies. The series reveals numerous details about these careers, the educational requirements, and the technology and soft skills utilized in each field.

Creating a Career with the Media Arts in Mind

Panelists in careers related to media arts discuss the education and experiences that attracted them to a career in this field, and describe the path that led them to their chosen profession. They also discuss skills that are utilized in their job each day, describe a typical day, and give advice to students considering a career in media arts.

Turner to Cézanne: Masterpieces from the Davies Collection

National Museum Wales, known for having one of the finest Impressionist art collections in Europe, sent to the U.S. highlights from its remarkable Davies Collection, an extraordinary group of 19th- and early 20th-century paintings that were renowned for its beauty and quality. These works, which helped shape the course of Western art, were assembled between 1908 and 1923 by sisters Gwendoline and Margaret Davies.  The lectures were presented during the time at which the exhibit was on display at the Columbia Museum of Art.


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