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Let’s Go! | Woodrow Wilson Family Home

February 1, 2019 - Posted in Digital by Tabitha Safdi


The Woodrow Wilson Family Home is South Carolina's only remaining presidential site. The home is now a museum featuring the history of Reconstruction.  

The home was built in 1871 when, at the age of 14, “Tommy” Woodrow Wilson and his family moved to Columbia. According to Historic Columbia, “Woodrow Wilson's parents built this house, the only one they would ever own. Although the home has changed hands many times since the teenaged future president lived here, it stands as a reminder of how our city struggled to rebuild itself in the post-war era.”

“For Woodrow Wilson, when he becomes president, you definitely see the influence of his time living here in the south,” says James Quint, Director of Education for Historic Columbia.

The Woodrow Wilson Family Home is the nation's only museum dedicated to interpreting the post-Civil War Reconstruction period.

Take a virtual tour of the Woodrow Wilson Home. Grab some goggles to enjoy the VR experience.

For more virtual tours around South Carolina, visit SCETV's Virtual Reality Tours.

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