Charleston Reacts to Emanuel A.M.E. Church Shooting

By Kaitlyn Park

VigilCharleston, the state of South Carolina and the country continue to try and make some sense out of the incomprehensible tragedy that occurred on Wednesday evening, as nine victims were gunned down in a Bible study at Emanuel A.M.E. Church on Calhoun Street. Members of the Palmetto Scene team were able to partake in the outpouring of love and support that filled the streets of Charleston, the vigil at Morris Brown A.M.E. Church and beyond. Some community members question what could possibly have driven this young man to commit murder, and what it means in America. “This is a young man, 21...

2015 TEDxYouth@ColumbiaSC Inspires Local Teens

By Marina Ziehe

Presenter at TEDxYouth eventSouth Carolina’s conference by youth, for youth is organized by a group of 20 teens that brings the TED Talks experience to a local level. Over the course of one day, South Carolina high schoolers and speakers from around the world give talks around the power of ideas. Carolina Money collected some quotes and pictures of the event. David Hodge, speaker - Computer Science student at USC: What seems normal today was impossible yesterday and will be forgotten tomorrow. Matthew Lesko, speaker - entrepeneur, Computer Science Professor: You want to grow as much as you possibly can every day. How do...

Smith-Lever Act Recognized in Its 100th Year Anniversary

By K. Dennis

Smith-LeverLast week, both Senate and House Representatives held ceremonies in their respective chambers, honoring Congressman Frank Lever and his legacy with the Smith-Lever Act. Lever was a proud sponsor and supporter of many acts of legislation which aided agriculture. The Smith-Lever Act was established in 1914 and was the proprietor of modernizing agriculture, giving farmers access to the best farming practices, and establishing education for women and kids through 4-H clubs. The Smith-Lever Act also established the Cooperative Extension Service, a state-by-state national network of educators who...

Student to Represent Team South Carolina in 2014 Special Olympics USA Games

By Tabitha Safdi

ChaseChase McCarty knows what winning feels like. After all, she swept the South Carolina Special Olympics gymnast competitions in almost every category winning best overall. She also knows that it takes a lot of hard work. Chase has cerebral palsy, a condition that causes her to have seizures. Cerebral palsy hasn’t stopped her from achieving her dreams. Last year, she competed in the Special Olympics and earned a spot in at the 2014 USA Games representing South Carolina. Team South Carolina will travel to New Jersey June 14-21, 2014. They will be meeting athletes from all over the country and...

Academic Freedom Challenged at S.C. Universities

By Aimee Crouch

Studio EducationThe State Newspaper’s Andy Shain points out in a recent article that several S.C. colleges and universities may lose funding in the House of Representatives budget over certain gay-themed books being assigned to freshman. In Shain’s article for The State he reports, “Now, as the debate over academic freedom versus political reality moves to the state Senate, worries are spreading that S.C. schools could face more penalties in the future.” There is also debate over the teachings of the Declaration of Independence. The Washington Post states these “cuts are certain to spark debate over whether...

BMW Invests $1 Billion Dollars in South Carolina

By Aimee Crouch

BMWDr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, introduces the new X4. BMW recently announced a one billion dollar investment to the manufacturing plant in the upstate, making it the largest plant in their network. Beginning now, they are making the all new X4 model, and will begin production on the X7 model shortly. This will increase production to 450 thousand cars and an anticipated 800 new jobs for South Carolina.

Unemployment Numbers Continue to Fall

By Aimee Crouch

Haley South Carolina’s newly released unemployment numbers hit a six year low last month, falling from 6.4% in January to 5.7% in February. According to the Columbia Business Report , "South Carolina led the nation in recording the largest one-month drop in the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, knocking off nearly a percentage point in February." Governor Nikki Haley talked about the decrease at BMW and how there are more South Carolinians working than ever before.

Bulls Bay Saltworks Talks About Reducing Carbon Footprint

By Aimee Crouch

SaltTeresa and Rustin Gooden started cultivating salt from Bulls Bay several years ago, and now their product is being used in some of the better known Charleston restaurants and can be bought in specialty stores throughout our state. They decided to reduce their carbon footprint by using solar power.

S.C. Cities: Profile of Charleston in 1964

By Tabitha Safdi

CharlestonThis is a clip from a 1964 SCETV production, S.C. Cities . In this episode, landmarks from the Holy City of Charleston were featured. S.C. Cities is an archival series of South Carolina cities. In the full episode, you can see a tour of Charleston in 1964, with sketches of the city by Anne Worsham Richardson. Also a visit to Hampton Plantation to visit poet laureate Archibald Rutledge, the only known footage of Rutledge reading his work on camera. The closing credit sequence is also interesting for the background footage, in which the original metal bridge is seen as the sole span across the...

Fort Jackson Trains for Disaster

By Aimee Crouch

AnthraxRecently, Fort Jackson in Columbia, S.C. went through a training exercise where the area around the army base was hit by Anthrax. They worked together with local and state agencies to make sure if disaster hit, they would be prepared. RJ Frazier of Fort Jackson, explains what happened in the training exercise and what steps would be taken in the aftermath.