Images from the Road: #HurricaneMatthew

By Kaitlyn Park

heavy traffic congestion on I26This slideshow will be updated frequently with images from reporters in the field and S.C. residents featuring evacuations, weather and events related to Hurricane Matthew. SCETV and Palmetto Scene viewers are welcome to submit their photos by tweeting them to @PalmettoScene

Take Pets When Evacuating, Advises Humane Society

By Kaitlyn Park

pet owner carries cat in carrierSouth Carolina residents evacuating, as well as those evacuating from Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, should take their pets with them when evacuating for Hurricane Matthew. Although the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is ready to care for animals caught in natural disasters , pet owners are encouraged to evacuate pets, as well, and have a "Pet-Disaster Preparedness" kit ready . Rachel Querry with The HSUS says including pets in evacuation plans saves lives, as residents may stay behind with their pets or try to rescue them following a disaster. The HSUS Pet-Preparedness Kit...

Price Gouging Statute in Effect

By Aimee Crouch

gas pumpSouth Carolina's price gouging statute is now in effect, which prohibits "unconscionable prices" when in a state of emergency. The statute will be in effect for the next 15 days and gougers can be charged a $1000 fine and/or 30 days in jail. S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson said, “As we prepare for Hurricane Matthew to make landfall in South Carolina, it’s imperative that South Carolinians make necessary preparations and follow safety instructions. Our state is still recovering from the catastrophic damage caused by the floods in 2015, and as we have witnessed before, we will see many...

#HurricaneMatthew Prep Information from Governor Haley: Wednesday Morning

By Kaitlyn Park

Track of Hurricane MatthewGovernor Nikki Haley held a press conference Wednesday morning to update the state on the status of Hurricane Matthew. Nikki Haley informed reporters at the South Carolina Emergency Management Division (EMD) that the National Weather Service advised her this morning how the storm had changed overnight. The storm has slowed down and “moved somewhat”, but could move back before arriving to South Carolina. Haley said her team will “move as the storm moves”. The hurricane is expected to be a category two or three, and the South Carolina coast is still within the area expected to receive storm...

Get the Latest News about Hurricane Matthew LIVE from the SCETV App

By Tabitha Safdi

SC Public RadioTake South Carolina Public Radio through this emergency using our SCETV App. South Carolina Public Radio’s News is streamed LIVE from the App. Download the SCETV App from the iTunes App Store or the Android store. The App also integrates social media for easy sharing. For the latest on Hurricane Matthew, visit , South Carolina Public Radio and SCETV.

Governor Nikki Haley Urges Residents to Prepare for Hurricane Matthew: Tuesday Update

Governor Nikki Haley Urges Residents to Prepare for Hurricane MatthewCOLUMBIA, S.C. - Governor Nikki Haley issued an executive order declaring a State of Emergency and asked residents to prepare for a potential evacuation of the South Carolina coast in advance of any impact from Hurricane Matthew. As state officials continue to monitor weather conditions, the governor will update residents about preparations for Hurricane Matthew, including the need for an evacuation of coastal areas, during a news conference on Wednesday, October 5, at 9:00 AM ( WATCH ). Schools and county and state government offices in the following counties will be closed starting...

Trump with Lead in Latest Winthrop Poll

By Aimee Crouch

Winthrop PollIn the latest Winthrop Poll, Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton 42% to 38% in South Carolina. The poll was conducted before Monday’s presidential debate and 53% of the respondents feel Clinton is a capable candidate, while 46% feel Trump is. But, when asked if they felt each candidate was honest, 21% feel Clinton is and 32% feel Trump is. Scott Huffmon, director of The Winthrop Poll, said, “While Clinton is seen as the more capable candidate, she is also viewed as more dishonest. However, both candidates are setting records for being viewed unfavorably. While Trump has the lead, these...

A Mother's Voice

By Aimee Crouch

readingThere are almost 1,400 women incarcerated in South Carolina prisons, and 80 percent of those women are mothers—mothers who are missing integral parts of their children’s developmental years. Through a program developed at The Riley Institute at Furman University's Diversity Leadership Initiative, along with S.C.'s Department of Correction, A Mother's Voice, has become a reality and is now helping to connect those mothers to their children. For more on the program, visit The Riley Institute .

"Raging Water" explores SC 1,000-Year Flood

By Glenn Rawls

National Guardsmen in helicoper observe flooded riverETV’s new film Raging Water explores the effects of the historic “1,000-year flood” on South Carolina. As a potential rain event turned into a catastrophe, South Carolina is faced with overwhelming rainfall, 19 deaths, the breach of manmade structures, the failure of water systems, and floodwaters that swept into an already engorged river system. The water traveled downstream through nearly half the state, where floodwaters caused agricultural devastation and the destruction of neighborhoods in Clarendon, Berkeley, Charleston, Georgetown and Horry counties. Boat and helicopter rescues,...

Behind the Scenes of "Raging Water"

By Tabitha Safdi

Raging WaterRaging Water takes a look back at the historic floods that devastated the state last October. Mark Adams, the producer/director of the documentary shares a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the film. Raging Water includes photos and footage that illustrate the damage of the hardest-hit areas, including Columbia, Clarendon County, Berkeley County, Georgetown County and Charleston. Interviews are with Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin, former Charleston Mayor Joe Riley, S.C. Army National Guard Leader General Livingston, S.C. Department of Agriculture Commissioner Hugh Weathers, and many...