Sea Change Debuts

By Kaitlyn Park

fallen trees at botany bay

Individuals across the world have had to consider what effects climate change could have on the planet. It’s a topic of political and cultural discussion, but as weather events and rising sea levels continue to rock the coastline, lands that claim homes and businesses deteriorate, and local ecosystems hang in the balance, what can the southeastern United States expect in impacts?

Hentz Orb Weavers

By Rudy Mancke

Hentz's orb weaver (Neoscona crucifera).

This spider hides during the day and comes out into the center of its web at night.

Understanding Climate Change Through Virtual Reality

By Kaitlyn Park

deforestation on mountain

"The issues of climate change are huge. Not only are they huge, but they are complex," explains Mildred McClain, Ed.D., of Citizens for Environmental Justice in the upcoming SCETV documentary, Sea Change.

"We have to localize it because if you keep it in its comprehensive, big framework, folks will be overwhelmed and feel as though, 'I can't do anything about that.' But everybody can do something about reducing the carbon footprint, and preparing people to deal with the reality of climate change, which is already with us."

Charleston Community Leaders Institute | Climate Change: A Local Focus

By Kaitlyn Park

charleston battery

MUSC's Public Information and Community Outreach Group convened four Community Leaders Institutes in Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Beaufort and Savannah. The following is the discussion from Charleston, S.C.

Each institute included a panel of local experts who spoke to the issues and impacts of Climate Change from a uniquely local perspective. Open to the public, these panel discussions presented diverse opinions and perspectives on key issues, such as sea level rise, health impacts, economic issues, education, overall climate change and community engagement.

S.C. Summer Camp Helping Students Combat Summer Learning Loss

By Tabitha Safdi

Camp iRock

Camp iRock is an innovative summer camp that helps children improve their reading abilities while having tons of summer camp fun. In the spring, the School District of Pickens County identifies rising 2nd, 3rd and 4th-graders who could use a boost in their reading abilities and sends their families an invitation to attend Camp iRock.

Camp iRock is a partnership between United Way of Pickens County, the School District of Pickens County, and the Pickens County YMCA. Camp iRock includes: