Corporal Freddie Stowers Monument Unveiled

By Aimee Crouch

StowersOn Veterans Day, a special monument dedication was held at Anderson University to celebrate Corporal Freddie Stowers, the first African American from South Carolina to receive the Medal of Honor for his service in World War I. Anderson University President Evans Whitaker described Corporal Stowers, a native of Sandy Springs in Anderson County, as a hero. Dr. Whitaker also mentioned that without the Rainey family, this monument would not be possible.

Old World South Meets New Feather Bow Tie

There’s a history to South Carolina that, to some, can be reflected in the “Old World” finishing touches of the bow tie, as part of a gentleman’s attire. It was that history and a basic love of nature that led Ben Ross, and friend Jeff Plotner, to create a business that reflects the natural beauty of South Carolina...with the invention of the feather bow tie. Ross first handcrafted a set of turkey feather bow ties for the men in his wedding party in 2007. That gesture led to a wave of admiration and inspiration that turned into Brackish only a few years later. The operation now honors artisan...

South Carolina Artist Selling Artwork to Benefit Flood Victims

By L. Steele

ArtWell-known South Carolina Artist selling artwork to benefit flood victims. Jim Harrison, a well-known artist in S.C, plans on selling unframed prints of three of his paintings and donating the proceeds to the Palmetto S.C Region of the American Red Cross to help the victims of the flood. Harrison started painting signs for Coca Cola when he was 14, and since then has also become known for painting American rural and coastal scenes. The prints are from paintings of the Congaree River and its rapids and the Edisto River in South Carolina. In an interview with WIS , Harrison said, “I think it’s...

Helping Tigers Worldwide from the Coast of South Carolina

By Katie Geer

baby tiger with Safri attendantMost people travel down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina to work on their tan on the sandy beaches, partake in seafood and splash in the waves. But a little known safari sits just miles from the hub of one of the largest tourist destinations in the country. Myrtle Beach Safari, T.I.G.E.R.S. houses some of the worlds largest cats, including the nearly 900 pound liger. Yes! A liger is a real thing! But the safari is open to the public on a limited basis and does some work in entertainment with its trained animals. But the mission of T.I.G.E.R.S. is more then just tourism and show business. The...

Dick Tripp and the U.S.S. Yorktown

By A. Highland

CassaroPalmetto Scene had the opportunity to speak with Joanne Cassaro at a recent taping of Antiques Roadshow in Charleston, South Carolina. She is a graphic designer with the Harrisburg PBS station, WITF. Even though Cassaro lives in Pennsylvania, she has a special connection to Charleston. Her father, the late Dick Tripp, was a landing signal officer on the USS Yorktown aircraft during World War II. He played a major role in the efforts to preserve the ship and in making Charleston its final home. She shared her father's story with ETV President and CEO Linda O'Bryon.

South Carolina's Chicken Man featured on National Series

Chicken ManIn early February two producers of the popular web series Indie Alaska made their way to sunny South Carolina. The Palmetto State is featured in 2 episodes of the PBS Digital Studios series Indie America . This episode features Ernest Lee, the Chicken Man. Another episode featured the Lowcountry and Geechie Boy Mill.

Circle Unbroken - A Gullah Journey from Africa to America

By Amy Shumaker

Circle Unbroken75% of all enslaved Africans coming to America came in through the ports of Charleston, Beaufort and Georgetown, South Carolina. The result of this mingling of slaves from West Africa with the plantation culture awaiting them in America became Gullah; the genesis and taproot of African American culture. The PBS special, Circle Unbroken – A Gullah Journey from Africa to America, portrays the history of these resilient people in music by The Gullah Kinfolk and narrative through the eyes of South Carolinian Anita Singleton-Prather – ‘The First Lady of Gullah™.’ Producer Ron Small and Anita...

South Carolina Named the 12th Best State for Summer Road Trips

By V. Ortiz

RoadSouth Carolina is ranked among the best states for summer road trips according to WalletHub , a personal finance website. WalletHub conducted a study of the 50 U.S. states to determine the 2015’s Best and Worst States for Summer Road Trips. The study compared the states on three different dimensions including driving and lodging costs, road conditions and safety, and fun and scenic attractions. Along with these dimensions, the study used 20 key metrics that examined the attractions, road conditions, gas prices and even the weather in each state. “About 85 percent of Americans—up 13 percent...