Bee City, USA | ETV Shorts

By Tabitha Safdi

Bee CityLocated between Summerville and Walterboro, Bee City is a honeybee farm and petting zoo. Bee City's focus is to educate the public on the imprtance of honeybees. The petting zoo is a main attraction with animals from monkeys and lemurs to wallabies and llamas.

South Carolina Entities Taking Bold Steps to Affect Climate Change

By Kaitlyn Park

South Carolina pier at the ocean with swelling tidesIn 2015, the United Nations Climate Conference passed the historic Paris Agreement, signed by representatives of 196 nations. This agreement, combined with the scientific findings on climate change, is a testament to the international consensus that climate change and its effects are to be addressed with urgency, in order to assure a habitable planet for future generations. Six months previous to the U.N. Conference, the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and South Carolina Educational Television (SCETV) produced and distributed Climate Change: A...

Two SC Museums Receive Awards

By K. Blackwell

The S.C. Museum wins prestigious award. Two S.C. museums have earned prestigious awards this year. The winners are the South Carolina State Museum in Columbia and Colleton Museum and Farmers Market in Walterboro. The South Carolina State Museum was awarded the Governor’s Cup, which is the highest tourism award. It received this award for the planetarium and observatory, along with other expansions, according to an article in the Post and Courier . As a result of the expansion in 2015, the museum’s revenue grew at an enormous rate of 85%, with attendance growing by 45%. The Colleton Museum was awarded the Charles Bundy Award. The...

“Pork and Politics”: Hudson’s Smokehouse and the Campaign Trail

By Kaitlyn Park

JebAs the Republican and Democratic primaries, Feb. 20 and Feb. 27 respectively, draw near; the visibility of Presidential candidates has increased more and more, from posters to canvassing, and even candidate visits to local forums and restaurants. One restaurant, in particular, is that of Hudson’s Smokehouse, primarily among GOP candidates. The Lexington barbecue beacon has hosted Chris Christie on June 2 with Attorney General Alan Wilson. Mike Huckabee visited July 7, Scott Walker July 15, Carly Fiorina September 23, Jeb Bush December 30 and Marco Rubio, most recently, on January 2. Donald...

South Carolina Maritime Museum | ETV Shorts

By Tabitha Safdi

Maritime MuseumLocated on the waterfront in Georgetown, the South Carolina Maritime Museum celebrates the rich history of seaports in the state. The museum features wooden boat replicas of some of the major ships of the 17th and 18th centuries and also a photography exhibit. For more information, visit the South Carolina Maritime Museum website .

Film Reveals the Controversial Life and Work of SC Author

By Glenn Rawls

Julia PeterkinThe controversial life of South Carolina author Julia Peterkin , the white wife of a plantation owner who won a 1929 Pulitzer Prize for her book, Scarlet Sister Mary , is the subject of the one-hour documentary, “ The World of Julia Peterkin: Cheating the Stillness ,” which aired Thursday, February 18, 2016 at 8:00 p.m. on South Carolina ETV. Produced, directed and written by Gayla Jamison, “ The World of Julia Peterkin: Cheating the Stillness ” tells the story of this remarkable woman who revolutionized American literature and rebelled against what was expected of a Southern lady. Her story...

The Palmetto Statesmen | Student Media Project

By C. Lowe and B. Simmons

Palmetto StatesmenThe Barbershop Harmony Society, a nonprofit organization of more than 30,000 men, has a chapter in Spartanburg called The Palmetto Statesmen. These men love to dress up in tuxedos and deliver roses to unexpected sweethearts on and around Valentine’s Day. One could say it is a specialty of theirs. The Spartanburg local chapter has more than 50 men who perform singing Valentines this year. Singing Valentines is a tradition that has been around for close to 51 years now, according to the group. Singing Valentines will feature a barbershop quartet in tuxedos singing two love songs and handing out...

Little Red Barn Pottery and Art Gallery | ETV Shorts

By Tabitha Safdi

Little Red BarnIf you are looking for something handmade and unique, the Little Red Barn is the place to check out. From one-of-a-kind pottery to hand-woven rag rugs, the Little Red Barn tells South Carolina's story through art. You can even meet the feline resident, Miss Kitty.

Charleston Tea Plantation | ETV Shorts

By Tabitha Safdi

Tea PlantationTeeming with originality and history, the Charleston Tea Plantation on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina is busy with not only workers cultivating crop but also visitors from around the world. The tea plantation sets South Carolina apart because it the only tea plantation in North America. Upon visiting here guests can learn about history and health benefits of the second most popular drink in all the world.

Inside the Meaning of Dreams: An Interview with a Dream Teacher

By Tabitha Safdi

Dream TeacherJustina Lasley is trying to wake up the world. She is an author and founder of the Institute for Dream Studies. Her mission: to tell everyone in the world of the transformative power of his or her nightly dreams. So far, she's making good on her mission by writing multiple books on the subject of dreams and also by creating the Institute for Dream Studies, the certification program for those interested in leading dream groups and spreading the message of the power of the dream. All of this from her home in Charleston, which she touts as her creative inspiration. According to Lasley, many of...