“Life Pod” Offers Options for Affordable Housing

By Tabitha Safdi

Life PodMichael Weekes lives at the intersection of engineering and art. At those crossroads, he created the Life Pod, a 115 square foot tiny home of the future. In today’s mentality of doing less with more, Weekes has grown a greater sense of the earth. “In the last six months since I brought Life Pod to Columbia, I’ve studied and become an enthusiast in renewable energy and solar power, etc.,” said Weekes. The project started July 9, 2015 and took 12 weeks to complete. The total cost to build the Life Pod was $7,000. Weekes has identified four major customer groups for the Life Pod. First, the...

Homeless Artists Perform at Columbia "Silent Voices"

By Marina Ziehe

Homeless artists performing on stageHomeless Helping Homeless is a nonprofit organization formed in Columbia in May 2010. Their mission is to help remove the negative stereotypes associated with homelessness, and to present the homeless as employable, respectable, responsible and productive citizens. Last month, the organization presented “Silent Voices,” a yearly event dedicated to performance art by the homeless of Columbia. The event was presented at Tapp's Art Center on Main Street.

Drivin' n' Cryin's Rock Finds Roots in the South

By Kaitlyn Park

Poster for concert with Drivin n CryinThe words southern rock can evoke a myriad of emotions, reflections and sounds, depending on whom you speak to. Swells of wailing guitars at a concert, dulcet tones and harmonies from the radio on an afternoon drive, or even just a feeling you get; access to a memory when you hear a particular verse. It can be argued southern rock veteran Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ has a bit of all of that in a career that spans decades. The band started with the meeting of Tim Nielsen and Kevin Kinney, two Northern implants who found themselves in Atlanta, Georgia in the 1980s “We started off 1985. Kevin is from up...

The Many Hats of Edith Childs

By P.A. Bennett

Edith Childs in hatGreenwood's Edith Childs is the lady who gave President Barack Obama his "Fired Up, Ready to Go" campaign chant. She's a big fan of the President and she has a great love for hats, too. In fact, she has a hat to match every outfit.

Extended Interview on Politics and Social Media

By K. Blackwell

Social media plays a big part in politics.Palmetto Scene sat down with Dr. Brent Nelsen and several students at Furman University to talk about the impact of social media on politics and how politicians are using it to their advantage.

Branchville Railroad Shrine and Museum | ETV Shorts

By Tabitha Safdi

BranchvilleThe Branchville Railroad Shrine and Museum is the site of the world's first railroad junction. The museum features lots of antiques that were once used by the railway, such as a velocipede, old lanterns, maps and telegraph machinery.

Facial Hair Club Raises Money for a Good Cause

By Tabitha Safdi

Midlands Whisker SocietyIt’s not just a monthly fad of “no-shave November” anymore. According to Jerimi Miller, President of the Midlands Whisker Society, the acceptability of facial hair in society today is here, and it’s here to stay for a while. The Midlands Whisker Society is a social club located in Columbia that celebrates the growth and development of facial hair. They recently hosted a facial hair competition for a good cause. Proceeds collected at the event went to Camp Wonderhands , a service for deaf and hearing-impaired children provided by Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital . “Often just at a first...