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August 26, 2016 - Posted in Carolina Money by Andrea Esselman
Greg, Heather, and Robert, who were interviewed for the podcast.

What's the deal with collaborative spaces?

What does it mean for Columbia to be a hub of innovation?

How does our city hold up compared to others in terms of tech talent?

How can we rewrite our narrative to view Columbia as a great place to live and run a business?

Carolina Money tackles these questions and more with special guests Heather Dughaish, Greg Hilton, and Robert Hughes. Heather is the campus director of The Iron Yard- Columbia, a learning space for those seeking to build up their computer engineering skills; Greg runs multiple business and entrepreneurship-focused groups; and Robert works with Hughes Development to build the physical space in which businesses grow and reside. The three together represent a well-rounded look at the business and technology sector of Columbia, and they offer an in-depth analysis of what makes Columbia a great place to bring a business, and what is holding Columbia back from being the best.

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