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Carolina Money: It's A Wrap!

August 31, 2016 - Posted in Carolina Money by Andrea Esselman
Chilling with Carolina Money

The story of Carolina Money has been one of seizing opportunities, much like the stories of the people it has covered. In the business and tech community, nothing would happen if the people within it did not move to action. And here at Carolina Money, we could not have gotten anywhere if we had not been on the lookout for our own opportunities.

I was sitting in a desk staring blankly at my computer screen, nearing the end of the second semester of my sophomore year at the University of South Carolina. I had recently learned I did not get the internship I had applied for, which had thrown all of my summer plans for a loop.

Dean of the Journalism School, Charles Bierbauer, strolled into our room. He was the guest speaker for the day. Backs straightened as the renowned figure took his place at the front of the classroom and eyed us with keen intelligence. He began to speak to us about the value of business journalism in our society, how it is a path we should consider alongside sports and entertainment and politics. Many students’ eyes glazed over as the dean spoke, but I saw an opportunity. He was presenting us with a paid summer job in a field that I had never considered. This was better than an internship! 

Only two students out of the 60 listening that day took advantage of the dean’s opportunity, myself being one of them. I have said countless times that I am appalled that so few people realized what an incredible opportunity passed them by.

My time here at South Carolina ETV has taught me incredible lessons. I live in a thriving community bursting at the seams with creative, innovative, and talented people. There are stories out there to be told, incredible stories of inspiration and perseverance, and I have had the honor of telling them. I have learned the power of collaboration, the beauty of connecting with others, and the importance of undying perseverance. It is not enough to just make something good. Make something great.

There is still so much to learn, but I know that my time with Carolina Money has equipped me with critical skills and experience that will allow me to be competitive in the job market. 

To all who have been there every step of the way, thank you for your patience.

Thank you, Tom Posey, for hiring me, working with me despite my lack of experience, and providing constructive criticism that helped me to learn and grow.

Thank you, Marina Ziehe, for setting a high standard for Carolina Money early on, for letting me tag along on your shoots, and for all of the encouragement. 

Thank you, Ty and Mimi, for your encouraging feedback and consistent pleasant presences.

Thank you, Kaitlyn, for the stories you contributed when I had no ideas or stories of my own.

Thank you, Krishna, for hearing what Dean Bierbauer had to say in class that day, and for being a part of this journey with me.

Thank you, Don, for all the laughter and encouragement.

Thank you to all the staff at South Carolina ETV for welcoming me into the family. I have come to love interacting with each and every one of you.

Thank you, Dean Bierbauer, and the USC School of Journalism and Mass Communication for this amazing opportunity. Words cannot express how much my time here has meant to me. Please continue to offer partnerships like this to students. Although few will take advantage of them, those who do will be forever grateful.

To Carolina Money’s audience, I leave you with this: you set yourself apart from society when you grab on to the opportunities around you. Keep on pursuing those dreams and passions. Never tire of making our community a better place to live.


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