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PSA: Truck Driver

April 16, 2020 - Posted in Business by Xiao Yu

Hilda (Lola) Salas

Truck Driver, Hunter Transportation

Hilda (Lola) Salas is a professional truck driver at Hunter Transportation. At the age of eight, she became fascinated when she saw a woman truck driver and had wanted to become one every since. Lola became a professional truck driver later in her life and has been enjoying her dream job very much.

What Lola likes most about her job is the people. She has great co-workers and meets people from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds. Her biggest challenge in her job is the “four wheelers” who dangerously cut into the space in front of her truck that she tries to keep for safety purpose.

Although being a truck driver involves hard work and long hours, Lola believes her job pay off because she earns more than factory workers and she works independently.

Lola truly loves being a truck driver and encourages more women to join her. It was very difficult when she tried to get into the trucking industry years ago, but now time has definitely changed. Being a truck driver is a great opportunity for men as well as women.

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