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Made Here | Some Glassie Ladies!

September 19, 2019 - Posted in Business by Kaitlyn Cannon

Glassie Ladies is a stained glass store in Columbia, South Carolina. They sell stained glass sheets as well as offer stained glass, mosaic, and fused glass classes. The owner, Pat Stone, explains her passion for stain glass. She says, "Art comes from your imagination and I think it's important to keep your brain working and have your imagination engaged." She continues, "Being able to offer art as a local business is a passion of mine."

The Glassie Ladie's manager, Jan Key, expresses why she thinks local businesses are important. She says, "I just think you learn the completeness of a community. I think they need that, I think you need those kinds of businesses. Just to be able to say 'Look, we've got people who are doing wonderful things here. Maybe they're not huge companies, who cares? They're creating something for the world around us.'"

Made Here is a digital series that explores small businesses in South Carolina.

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