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Behind the Scenes with Yoga in Practice

April 24, 2017 - Posted in Behind the Scenes by Tabitha Safdi

Yoga in Practice is a pilot, 13-part yoga series led by master instructor Stacey Millner-Collins of Columbia, South Carolina. The program is designed to encourage a daily practice for the at-home student.

What makes Yoga in Practice unique among other offerings is that each episode will focus on a universal theme, such as Courage or the Art of Slowing Down, to motivate the practitioner to experience in the body qualities of the mind and heart, thereby enjoying a well-rounded practice that is more comprehensive than simply physical exercise. Stacey has years of experience working with biomechanical therapeutic alignment to prevent and heal existing injuries. Her students will truly learn the foundations of yoga. Each episode will also include basic beginner techniques of meditation and breathing exercises, further reducing the stress and anxiety associated with modern life.

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