Tabitha Safdi

"I've Always Been Proud of Serving My Country." SC Veteran Remembers Vietnam War

By Tabitha Safdi

Richard West with the US Army Corps of Engineers

From February 1969 through February 1970, Richard West  served as a Lieutenant in the Army Corps of Engineers during the Vietnam War. His job was to build bridges and buildings that would serve as base camps. 

In this video, he talks about what life was like halfway around the world, how there were no front lines, and what it was like coming home.

West also talks about attending a USO show while serving in Vietnam. View the video here

Road Into Rivers: Hurricane Irma at Isle of Palms

By Tabitha Safdi

Storm surge at Isle of Palms

ISLE OF PALMS -  With heavy rain and winds peaking at 43 mph, residents of the Isle of Palms are weathering Hurricane Irma with bated breath. Some streets on the barrier island are turning into rivers. Isle of Palms Weather has reported 1.78 inches of rain since 12:00 AM.

Webcams are live on the deck at the The Windjammer.

Video courtesy of Brett Husley.



"You Just Concentrate on Staying Alive." SC Veteran Remembers the Vietnam War

By Tabitha Safdi

Army photo of Karl Naugle

From June 1969 through June 1970, Army Specialist 5th Class Karl Naugle served in the Vietnam War. As an artillery surveyor, his job was to drop into an area and mark the location for support cannons, defending the 125th Infantry. 

In this video, he talks about what life was like halfway around the world, being in the middle of a bloody war, and what it was like coming home.

SC Veterans Recall Bob Hope and His Vietnam USO Shows

By Tabitha Safdi

Bob Hope during on of his USO shows

Starting in World War II, Bob Hope began a tradition of visiting troops during the holiday season. The United Service Organization (USO) started sending Hollywood and radio entertainers to perform. From 1964 to 1972, Hope included South Vietnam in is holiday season tours. According to, “Hope’s Vietnam engagements were among the most dangerous ever for the funnyman and his entertainers.”

The Calhoun Times

By Tabitha Safdi

The Calhoun Times

Founded in 1892, The Calhoun Times is a three-generation family newspaper business serving the residents of Calhoun County. The weekly paper has subscribers not only all over the state but across the nation.

Southern Lights: Highlighting History, Art, and Columbia's Rivers

By Tabitha Safdi

Southern Lights Art Instillation

Southern Lights, a signature, long-term art installation by artist Chris Robinson, will span the Congaree River between the Blossom Street and Gervais Street bridges.

Southern Lights is a unique and one-of-a-kind artistic piece, largely because of its ambitious scale and artistic intricacy. Finishing the installation will require more time, but organizers expect it will be completed and operational nightly in 2018.

Marion County's History and Its Museum

By Tabitha Safdi

Marion County History

Full of beauty and history, Marion County has a little something for every visitor. The Museum of Marion County has artifacts from the time during which the building was a school and many other pieces from all around the state.