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Mann-Simons Site | Let’s Go

By Tabitha Safdi

Mann-Simons Site


On the corner of Marion and Richland streets in downtown Columbia stands the Mann-Simons site. The Mann-Simons Site was a collection of commercial and domestic spaces owned and operated by the same African American family from at least 1843 until 1970. Only one house stands today, however many ghost structures represent the former buildings that made the site a unique treasure to downtown Columbia. 

America’s Volunteer Recognized for Excellence in Civic Leadership

By Tabitha Safdi

Charlotte Berry

Charlotte Berry of Columbia is the recipient of the 2018 David H. Wilkins Award for Excellence in Civic Leadership. The award is presented by The Riley Institute at Furman University.

“Each person in his or her own right has an opportunity to make a difference. Making a difference in this world is what it’s all about,” says Berry.

Longtime South Carolina Senator Recipient of Legislative Leadership Award

By Tabitha Safdi

Senator John Matthews

Sen. John W. Matthews, Jr. (D-Orangeburg) is the recipient of the 2018 David H. Wilkins Award for Excellence in Legislative Leadership. The award is presented by The Riley Institute at Furman University. 

“I’m always better off if my neighbor is better off. I’m better off living in communities that are better off. So as a political philosophy we have to create communities that are better off,” says Matthews.

ORIGINAL SC | Recording Artist Kevin “Big Redd” Felder

By Tabitha Safdi

Kevin Felder

“Whatever you want to happen in your life, help make it happen for somebody else…and it will happen for you.”

Columbia native, Kevin Felder, started writing songs as a middle-schooler. Today, his music can be heard internationally. Through the ministry of Christian rap, Big Redd imparts positive lyrics for his audience. 

Felder also serves as station manager for Millennial FM.  

Video edited by Charles Dymock.

A Look Back at NatureScene

By Tabitha Safdi

NatureScene 60

Debuting in 1978, "NatureScene," introduced millions of viewers to a natural world of wonder that the average person might easily overlook. Naturalist Rudy Mancke is paired first with series co-creator Beryl Dakers and later with Jim Welch. Today, Mancke hosts NatureNotes on both SCETV and SC Public Radio. #TBT #ETVturns60 #60more

Learn more about South Carolina ETV's history here.

How did Cross Anchor Get Its Name?

By Tabitha Safdi

Cross Anchor

According the Betty Jo Lawson, a local historian in the Cross Keys community, the story of how Cross Anchor got its name is somewhat a legend passed down through the family. 

The story goes that two British sailors, who were brothers, docked in Charleston Harbor. They decided to travel inland. They found a place in the Piedmont region of South Carolina that one of the brothers liked. He held the keys to the ship, so he decided on the name Cross Keys. The brother, who was the captain of the ship, went about 5 miles and decided to name that area Cross Anchor.

Columbia Braces for Heavy Rain

By Tabitha Safdi

Hurricane Florence- Columbia

As Hurricane Florence hits the coast, it's leaving everyone in the Midlands waiting and watching. The storm is expected to produce high amounts of rainfall in Columbia and surrounding communities.  

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin says they learned some valuable lessons with the 2015 floods and those lessons are playing into preparedness as Florence slowly approaches. 

Louisiana's Cajun Navy Arrives in South Carolina

By Tabitha Safdi

Cajun Navy

The Louisiana Cajun Navy have arrived in South Carolina ahead of landfall of Hurricane Florence. 

The Louisiana Cajun Navy are informal volunteer groups comprised of private boat owners who assist in search and rescue efforts. They were formed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and reactivated in the aftermaths of the 2016 Louisiana floods and Hurricane Harvey. They are credited with rescuing thousands of citizens during those disasters.