Shannon Simmons

Vernon Grant: An Illustrious Career

By Shannon Simmons

Vernon Grant ExhibitArt that occupies public spaces can transform any ordinary room into an area of significance and reflection. This is what’s happening at the Rock Hill Chamber of Commerce as they are currently displaying works from a local favorite. “Vernon Grant: An Illustrious Career ” is a collection of 21 pieces from Rock Hill’s adopted son. We sat down with Jillian Matthews, the Director of Collections for the Culture and Heritage Museums, to discuss all things Vernon Grant and everything you need to know about his current exhibit that’s on display for the public. Grant is an American illustrator who was...

Juneteenth: The Second Independence Day

By Shannon Simmons

Juneteenth Rock Hill Juneteenth, the mash-up of the two words June and Nineteenth, is sometimes called the second independence day. June 19th marks the day in 1865 when African American slaves in Galveston, Texas finally received news that they were freed, two years after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, and two months after the ending of the Civil War. This holiday serves to recognize a significant moment in American history. The holiday is recognized in cities all over the nation including Rock Hill, South Carolina. Juneteenth Rock Hill board members have worked hard to put together a community...

Some Stories Just Come to You | Endowment Intern Shannon

By Shannon Simmons

Juneteenth Interview and Event When you work in the journalism field you’ll quickly realize that some stories just fall in your lap and certainly the Juneteenth Rock Hill piece I’m editing is one of those stories for me. On this second week of my SCETV internship, I led interviews with two of the Juneteenth Rock Hill board members to get the inside scoop on what it takes to put together a community event like the Juneteenth celebration. I was excited when I learned that my first video piece would be about Juneteenth because my professor, Dr. Frederick, is a member of the Juneteenth Rock Hill board. I met the board members...

From Hometown to College Town (Again) | Endowment Intern Shannon

By Shannon Simmons

Intern Shannon Simmons at ETV CarolinaMy first few weeks of summer consisted of relaxing, sleeping in, and catching up with hometown friends and family. Although my mini vacation went by fast I’m happy to be back in my college town of Rock Hill to start my internship with SCETV. Week one on the job has been all about getting to know SCETV. I will be working on digital content throughout the summer so needless to say, I’ve been looking at the company website A LOT. I’m in the process of coming up with ideas for videos and blog posts that I want to take on this summer. I’ve been able to research upcoming events in the area to...