Sean Scott

The End of the Road

By Sean Scott

Williams-Brice Stadium is right beside SC ETV

After 10 long, sometimes grueling (othertimes definitely not) weeks, the time has come; the end of my ETV internship is here. Before I wrap up and put a bow on this summer, I have to recap the final week first. It's been another pretty slow week here at the office with seemingly half of Content on some kind of vacation this week. This left Aimee in charge and she took a laid-back approach, not wanting my final week to be too crazy.

Former NASA Astronaut Inspires the Next Generation

By Sean Scott

Former NASA astronaut talks with kids at Charleston County libraries

Former NASA astronaut Dr. Don Thomas spent 44 days in space as part of four separate space shuttle missions. He retired from the prestigious space agency 12 years ago and now shares his stories and experiences with kids across the country. Dr. Thomas visited six libraries in Charleston County last month as part of the public library system's "A Universe of Stories" summer reading theme. The visit also coincided with the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Watching the launch of Alan Shepard, the first American to go to space, inspired Dr.

Moon Chasing | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

ETV let students interview astronaut Charles Duke

I may have only been at work for four days this week, but it was a full week that seemed to rush by! After my relaxing day at home while everyone else had to suffer through a Monday in the office (#sorrynotsorry), I finally saw my supervisor Aimee again. It seemed like it had been a month since we had both been in the office at the same time, but I think it was only a little more than a week. She gave me another video to edit: a story on astronaut Don Thomas, who visited the Charleston County libraries to meet kids and tell them about space.

Palmetto State Politics Part II | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

Sean presents

Welcome to Intern Week! (That was going to be this week's title, until dramatic political developments forced my hand, as you will read). I briefly mentioned that self-proclaimed name last week, but this week was truly all about the interns. As the summer winds down, some of us are beginning to wrap up their internship (but don't worry I still have a couple weeks). So ETV celebrated all the interns with a big fancy lunch, catered by Moe's, on Monday. I'm not usually a fan of southwestern cuisine, but I will never complain about a free catered lunch like that.

Summer Memories | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

Columbia Mayor Steve Benjamin holds a press conference regarding the vote for the new University of South Carolina president

One week after a very slow Fourth of July week and things have picked up steadily around the office. I admit, it was a little tough getting back to work after the extended 4th of July holiday, but it was another exciting week with lots of time out of the office on stories, so that made it even better. I got to see more of Columbia (though being a native, I was already pretty familiar), starting with a visit to check out USC's new Social Media Insights lab at the journalism school.

The Dog Days of Summer | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

The empty hallway at SCETV

We've officially hit a lull in the summer, thanks to the Fourth of July. For a lot of people at the office, that meant an extended vacation, so the building was a lot more empty this week (especially today - Friday, where there are maybe 3 people I've seen in total). However, I was still here, aside from the mandatory (and well-needed) holiday for July 4th. Aimee and Gavin told me to take a day off this week like everyone else, especially since I still have a comp day from working the convention.

TWISC: 2020 Democrats Descend on South Carolina

By Sean Scott


Reporters Jamie Lovegrove with The Post and Courier and Meg Kinnard with The Associated Press talk with host Gavin Jackson about recent developments with 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who recently flocked to South Carolina for a weekend of political activities. 


Halfway Home | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

A woman watches former Congressman Beto O"Rourke speak at the South Carolina Democratic Party Convention on June 22, 2019

Another busy week here at SCETV as June gets ready to turn to July. My first couple of weeks may have been somewhat boring and basic, as I got situated in this internship, but the last two weeks have been nonstop excitement and fun. In last week's blog, I previewed the South Carolina Democratic weekend and how chaotic I expected it to get. Well, somehow it exceeded my expectations! First up was Rep. Jim Clyburn's Fish Fry on Friday (perhaps pun intended?).

Palmetto State Politics | Endowment Intern Sean

By Sean Scott

Pallbearers carry a casket with an American flag draped over it

One month in, and this has been the craziest and wildest week, by far. Last week, I wrote about how I was nervously preparing for my first real story of the summer - covering an unclaimed veteran funeral at Fort Jackson. After some early technical worries, the piece went off without a hitch, I'm proud to say! I had no idea what to expect going in, content-wise, how long the service would last, etc.

Hundreds Honor Unclaimed Vietnam War Veteran at Funeral

By Sean Scott

Veterans salute during the playing of taps to honor Petty Officer 3rd Class James Miske

Petty Officer 3rd Class James Miske did not have any family at his funeral on June 14, but you would not have known that from the scene at Fort Jackson National Cemetery. Over 150 motorcyclists and an estimated 500 people from all over the country showed up for the service to honor the Vietnam War veteran’s life.