Scott Morgan

Pretty Names and Eagle Killers: A Look at Invasive Plants in South Carolina's Freshwaters

By Scott Morgan

L -R: Santee Cooper's Judson Riser, Casey Moorer, and Brian Lynch -- and a sampling of the invasive plants they contend with at Lake Moultrie.

South Carolina’s freshwater lakes and ponds are as vibrant as they come, full of pretty plants with pretty names like water primrose and water hyacinth. The only trouble is, these plants shouldn’t be here. They, and about two dozen other aquatic plants – some with more ominous names like arrowhead and alligator weed – are invasives; uninvited residents that find a foothold in the state’s lakebeds and coastlines and surfaces and then just choke out the native plant life.

There's South Carolina Gold in Them Thar Rockets

By Scott Morgan


Forgive yourself if you can’t pronounce “polybenzimidizole,” much less know what it’s used for. But if you ever went to the moon, you were sure glad to have it on your skin.  

Yoga. Now with Bleats

By Scott Morgan

Downward-facing... doe? Don't laugh, it happens a lot in goat yoga.

Until a few years ago, nobody really thought to put goats and yoga together. And yet, here we are, living in a world where the sight of downward-facing yogis and bouncing baby goats in the same place looks as natural as mac and cheese.

For Jim and Terri Gustin, owners of Critter Creek Farm in Rock Hill – primarily a flower farm, but one with lots of animals around – the idea just worked itself out.   

Upstate OEMs Face Numerous Issues -- Including an Often Underprepared Public

By Scott Morgan

York County Emergency Management

Emergency management coordinators in South Carolina have a lot to think about. A lot to think about.

On any given day, a normally quiet command center, like the one deep in the ground below Greenville City Hall, could fill up with representatives from a whole pile of agencies in a matter of minutes.

This 17-Year-Old Entrepreneur Has More Game Than You

By Scott Morgan

One of Hunter Lawrence's favorite arcade games in the Monster Drop -- and not just because it's likely to sell for a bundle.

It’s loud in here. That’s unusual, given that ‘here’ is a self-storage facility. Those are usually quiet; somber, even. This afternoon, though, a riot of pulsing music, random mwa-ha-haaaas, and various sci-fi bleeps and bloops make this place sound like a really fun vacation spot. And, for the most part, these cacophonous machines will end up someplace people will go to just have fun.

Six Flags Over Marlboro County

By Scott Morgan

Six flags over Marlboro County

The Marlboro County Courthouse is a pretty unique place. The building itself is essentially a replica of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, right down to the clock tower.

The courthouse grounds are also host to a stalwart set of palm trees – and to the flags of six nations, former and current, that have had a major influence on South Carolina. Listen to a conversation with Jeff Dudley, past president of the Marlboro County Historical Society (and member of several other area historical organizations) and learn how and why Marlboro County’s six flags came to be.