Sarah Pritchard

Don't Stop Me Now | Endowment Intern Sarah

By Sarah Pritchard

Dr. Myers on stage at GSSM in Hartsville. Next to her is the Apollo 11 mission patch.

When Freddie Mercury wrote “Don’t stop me now, I’m having such a good time,” he must have been referring to the South Carolina ETV Endowment Internship because I am having a ball.

Seriously, this week was great. I felt like I was on a roll and got a lot accomplished on a few different projects I was working on. Where do I begin?

The Show Must Go On | Endowment Intern Sarah

By Sarah Pritchard

A still shot from the Janice Marshall interview.

It’s hard to believe week two of my internship is already complete. Time seems to be flying by, so I must be having a great time. This week was a little different from my first week, because my supervisor, Ty, was in Nashville all week for a conference. But, like Queen says, the show must go on.

Now I'm Here | Endowment Intern Sarah

By Sarah Pritchard

Sarah shows off her desk.

As Brian May once wrote, "Here I stand (here I stand) / Looked around, around, around, around, around." That's how I felt on my first day. I was nervous and felt overwhelmed by everything, but I somehow managed to lose those feelings within the first couple of hours.  I have been keeping a journal, so I can remember everything that happens each day. I have found this to be very helpful, as the days do seem to run together. Below is a summary with the highlights of each day of my first week.