RoseCatherine James

SC Department of Juvenile Justice | Giving Youth a Second Chance

By RoseCatherine James

Student at DJJ

The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice's goal is to protect the public and reclaim juveniles through prevention, community programs, education, and rehabilitative services in the least restrictive environment  possible. They work toward that goal by providing a G.E.D program and work-study program, among other services. The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice also finds it very important to fight the stigma associated with students who are required to be a part of their school system.

My Last Week | Endowment Intern RoseCatherine

By RoseCatherine James

RoseCatherine at Critter Creek Farm's Goat Yoga

As my last week at ETV closes out, I'm sad to leave the experience behind, but excited to take my new skills with me into my last semester at the University of South Carolina. This summer has taught me so much. I've learned to work in different office environments and how to tell stories differently. I also learned new editing techniques. I feel prepared to finish up school and put my degree to good work.

Made Here | Juvenile Justice System Youth Create and Sell Original Work

By RoseCatherine James

Art created by Juvenile Justice System Youths.

The Department of Juvenile Justice's Store of Hope sells products made by young people who are involved with the juvenile justice system. DJJ's Broad River Road campus includes six work-study programs for youth who have obtained a high school diploma or a G.E.D. and are in good standing in the system. The products made in the work-study programs are sold to the public through the Store of Hope. The money made in the store goes toward paying for the program, buying supplies, and paying the youth.

The Past Three Weeks | Endowment Intern RoseCatherine

By RoseCatherine James

RoseCatherine interviewing at the Store of Hope

The past few weeks have probably been the most hectic weeks of the summer. The whole time we have been preparing for two significant events, a trip to the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), and York County's Chasing the Moon event. At DJJ, we are highlighting their school, Birchwood, and what it is like to teach students in jail. We are also adding a new installment of Made Here, with a focus on DJJ's Store of Hope, which sells products that students have made through the work-study programs.

Made Here | Ceramics - and More!

By RoseCatherine James

Ceramics and More studio

Ceramics and More is a family-owned and operated walk-in studio offering ceramics, canvases, and clay hand building. The business was previously owned by Jennifer Elkins’ in-laws, before they passed it down to her family in 2017. Ceramics and More offers something for everyone – no experience required. Owner Jennifer Elkins says, “I feel like art is super therapeutic and it’s an outlet for a lot of people.

Independence Day at Brattonsville

By RoseCatherine James

Historic Brattonsville

Red, white, and blue bunting line the porch rails of the admissions building and gift shop at Brattonsville, with matching bows on the door. As always, the plantation is quiet. Void of the bustle of technology, birds and farm animals can be heard. But despite its quiet, peaceful appearance, the Bratton Plantation is preparing for one of its biggest celebrations of the year – Independence Day

Made Here | All-Natural Extracts

By RoseCatherine James

Excellent Extracts

Excellent Extracts is a small business in Rock Hill, S.C. that makes food-safe extracts for cooking, baking, drinks, and more. Owner Casandra Merwin describes how her passion for living a clean, healthy lifestyle came when her stepson entered her life. She explains, “Before he came into my life I would eat fast food and I didn’t care about anything… I didn’t think about it until I was giving it to somebody else. And I was like, wait, this is probably not that great for you.

New Challenges | Endowment Intern RoseCatherine

By RoseCatherine James

My Ride Rock Hill

Week four definitley picked up. Not only was I tasked with finishing the Made Here story I started working on, but I also worked on a smaller piece about My Ride, Rock Hill, which is Rock Hill's new all-eclectric public transit system. 

All-Electric Public Transit Launches in Rock Hill

By RoseCatherine James

My Ride Rock Hill

My Ride Rock Hill, the city’s free public busing system, is launching Monday, June 10, as the first public transit system to begin all-electric. Route 1 begins Monday with Routes 2-4 starting July 1.

While many public transit systems are currently trying to convert from diesel fuel to electric, Rock Hill is paving a new way, by launching its seven-bus fleet as completely electric from the start.