Rebecca Dymock

UFO Welcome Center Welcomes All

By Rebecca Dymock

UFO Welcome Center

Bowman, S.C. is home to the UFO Welcome Center. Jody, the creator, is full of interesting ideas and stories that he is happy to share with guests who stop by to say hello. By walking through his welcome center, you can see that many people have enjoyed their time and left notes from their visits.

We're Halfway There | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Ridgeway Old Police Station

This week marked the halfway point for my time here at ETV. We kicked it off by visiting Ridgeway, SC to shoot the next episode for the new Our Town series. I loved spending time in their beautiful small town. In fact, the people there were so willing to help us that we found it almost comical how easy the shoot was to schedule. We had a great day filming the picturesque little town and talking with people about their tight community.

Lowcountry Doll Collection Inspires Unity

By Rebecca Dymock

Doll collection

For Mattie P. Sanders, every doll tells a story…all 2,000 of them. The dolls are a part of an exhibit titled “Black Footprints: Blacks Past and Present.”  The expo is meant to provide positive role models and build self-esteem among visitors young and old.

The dolls are arranged to imitate humans. They are mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, and adoptive parents. Some have health issues or display feelings. 

Practice Makes Perfect | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Landsford Canal State Park

This week was filled with more exciting projects! Monday and Tuesday I had the opportunity to help with a live event. We produced a live Facebook stream following the second round of gubernatorial debates.  It was really exciting being part of a live event that we could see people watching in real time. We all enjoyed bringing people in to discuss important events in our state. I hope we get to do a few more live events before the summer is over, there really is a lot of excitement when we’re live. I also got to visit another quirky South Carolina attraction this week.

OUR TOWN | Bishopville

By Rebecca Dymock

Bishopville Wall

For the next installment of our series on the many unique towns of South Carolina, “Our Town” we visited Bishopville, SC. Check out this video to see what the people of Bishopville have to say about their slice of the Palmetto State.

Exciting Adventures | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Barrier Island Oyster Co.

This week was another adventurous one. Not only did I get to start working with the footage from some previous shoots but I also had the opportunity to tag along on a shoot in the Low Country. We spent the day visiting the Barrier Island Oyster Company, located on Ocella Creek. One of the best things about being an intern here is that you get the opportunity to visit unique places and learn about such a large variety of things.

Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden

By Rebecca Dymock

Pearl's Garden Entrance

The small town of Bishopville, SC is home to some traditional vacation stops like museums and parks, but also a few quirkier spots like Pearl Fryar’s Topiary Garden. Pearl is happy to speak with his guests about everything from bushes to better education systems. Pearl’s garden, located right in his backyard, is filled with beautiful topiaries, fascinating metal works and pearls of wisdom. His guests are likely to leave not only with fond memories of his landscaping feats, but with a sense of ambition as well.

Smiling Faces | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Bishopville Shoot

My second week at ETV started off our summer long journey of traveling around South Carolina. Our first stop was Bishopville, SC on Tuesday. We had a very busy day of interviewing Bishopville residents and visiting some beautiful and unique sites. I enjoyed travelling to a part of South Carolina that I had never visited before and hearing from the locals about what makes it so great. As a native South Carolinian I was so happy to find even more reasons to love SC! Today we headed to Charleston for a story right on the edge of the water at The Charleston Maritime Center.

In The Beginning | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Taking photos at the Woodrow Wilson House

It just so happened that my first day at ETV coincided with SCETV’s employee appreciation day. As part of the celebration I was able to attend a presentation that highlighted the accomplishments of SCETV over the past 60 years. It was a great way to be introduced to so many of the dedicated and accomplished people that work here at SCETV. After the celebration, I was able to tag along on a shoot here in Columbia, SC. The rest of the week was eventful as well.