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Walhalla | Our Town

By Rebecca Dymock


Walhalla, S.C., is located right at the bottom on the Blue Ridge Mountains. While the town draws in many outdoor adventurers, it offers all sorts of classic small-town charms that any visitor would appreciate. Check out this episode of Our Town to see what the locals enjoy about their hometown.

Moncks Corner | Our Town

By Rebecca Dymock

Moncks Corner

The small town of Moncks Corner, S.C. is full of both exciting vacation attractions and beautiful, relaxing areas. Located not far from the vacation hub of Charleston, the locals enjoy being in a quieter, calmer part of the state. Learn more about Moncks Corner in this episode of Our Town!

The Last One | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Jenna, Rebecca, Shannon on the set of Making it Grow

My last week at ETV proved to be a productive one. I worked on editing two more episodes of the Our Town series that should be up on the website soon. This summer has been a blast! Not only has this internship given me the opportunity to learn about new software and techniques that have helped me to become a better filmmaker, but it has also allowed me to feel more confident and accomplished. I am positive that this summer will remain a favorite of mine for a very long time.

Penultimate | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock


This week has been another busy one. As next week is my 10th and final week here at ETV, I have been working to make sure I get as many projects done as I can. I have been editing away and hope to get a few more stories out before I leave. I cannot believe how many videos I have been able to create in just 10 weeks! I feel so much more comfortable completing a project from start to finish because of all of the practice I have had this summer. On Thursday, I even went on my very first unsupervised shoot!

2018 ETV Endowment Interns

By Rebecca Dymock

2018 Endowment Interns

Every summer the ETV Endowment offers rising juniors and seniors in college the opportunity to complete a 10-week paid internship with SCETV. In this video, our 2018 Endowment Interns talk about their experience so far.

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Sharing Our Stories| Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Rebecca and Jenna interviewing Shannon

While normally I work on sharing the stories of people around the state of South Carolina, this week, I've been working on stories that come from within the walls of ETV. On Monday, we went up to the ETV Carolinas office in Rock Hill to finish up the intern interviews. The following day, we had the Endowment intern luncheon, here in Columbia, where each intern gave a short presentation about what we had been working on throughout our time with ETV. It was nice to talk with the other interns and learn about what they had been up to.

A Pick-Up Game

By Rebecca Dymock

Bill Stokes with a ball on the river

Bill Stokes picked up a unique hobby years ago when he started paddling on the Catawba River. His hobby has grown into a practice that not only helps the environment but educates children about the negative effects of pollution.

Let's Talk Interns | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Interviewing ETV Lowcountry Interns

I spent this week visiting some of the regional SCETV stations. As part of the Digital Media team in Columbia, one of my assigned tasks is to create the annual intern video for this year. We traveled from office to office to interview the other Endowment interns this summer. I had a lot of fun visiting the regional offices and seeing the work they do and how it compares to the work we do at the Columbia office.

Ridgeway | Our Town

By Rebecca Dymock

Ridgeway Smallest Police Station

Ridgeway, S.C. is a small town located not far from the state capital. Many of the locals liken it to the beloved fictional town of Mayberry. Offering everything from high tea to charge accounts, this town exemplifies everything that is so charming about small town U.S.A.

Enjoying The Ride | Endowment Intern Rebecca

By Rebecca Dymock

Moncks Corner

You guessed it; this week we did some more traveling. OnTuesday, we visited the H.L. Hunley Museum in North Charleston for a virtual reality shoot for the project Let's Go! I was excited to visit the submarine because I had been interested in its famous mystery ever since I read a book on it as part of a summer reading assignment for 6th grade. I even spotted the book in the museum gift shop! It was such an easy-going shoot that we all enjoyed being a part of.