Raven Furber

Parties and Co-ops | Endowment Intern Raven

By Raven Furber

Raven Furber videos ceramics at the West Main Artists Co-op in Spartanburg, South Carolina

We started off the week by taking an old friend down to Columbia. Gary Stevens, former regional engineer, came along for the ride as we made our way to Kerry Feduk’s retirement surprise party. As a treat, we ate at our favorite spot in Columbia, but I’ll keep that a secret. At the surprise party, I was able to meet all of the other ETV Endowment interns. They are all such nice ladies and I can’t wait to see them again at our luncheon!

What Do You Mean Exporting Will Take an Hour? | Endowment Intern Raven

By Raven Furber

Raven editing a web story in her office

This week was filled with countless hours of editing, rendering, and regulations. As I finished up my story on the Hub City Co-op, I ran into the necessary evils of editing. All week I've been battling small, almost unrecognizable errors, like differentiations in font spacing to messing with the waveform monitors. There's been a lot of waiting while both rendering and exporting, but that's to be expected. We went into downtown Spartanburg this week to get some shots of the community and it was then that I realized how thankful I am to have this internship.

Adventures All Around | Endowment Intern Raven

By Raven Furber

Raven Furber, William Richardson, and Coby Hennecy at the ETV Endowment office

Week three of my internship was filled with adventures I never thought I would have. The first adventure of the week was a small one. It seems that just about every week, something interesting happens outside my office window. This week, the entire population of campus geese decided to come graze outside my window. Nearly 15 goslings and their parents trapped us inside the building as they foraged for food right outside, and trust me, they can be very aggressive. I tried to feed them potatoes chips and got hissed at.

Hub City Exploration | Endowment Intern Raven

By Raven Furber

Raven filming at the Hbb City Co-op

Week two at ETV Upstate was when the real fun started. This was the week that I started working on stories. My first story centered on the Hub City Co-op. I had to put my "big-girl" hat on and call the co-op to get permission and schedule interviews. I had never conducted an interview before and the whole process was nerve-wrecking. I was thankful to have William there to continue to ask questions once I had finished mine.

The Introduction | Endowment Intern Raven

By Raven Furber

Raven in ETV Upstate's studio

My first week as an ETV Endowment intern involved several hours in the van. Our (mine and the ETV Upstate's station manager, William Richardson) first trip to Columbia was for the staff appreciation day luncheon. I was able to see some familiar faces as well as meet other members of the ETV staff. However, the best part of the day was the food! As a former engineering intern, I have learned to value lunch time like never before. We were also given t-shirts, which was an added bonus. I am told that the shirt is a throwback to an old logo, one that was way before my time.