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View extraordinary science content on demand - on the SCETV App and online!

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Image of DNAIf you've missed these extraordinary science programs on South Carolina ETV, now is a great time to catch up! View them from the SCETV App or view online ! Download the SCETV App from the iTunes App Store or the Android Store . Scroll to browse or click the quick links below. Ancient People and Places Biology The Brain Chemistry Computers and Technology Environment, Climate Change & Nuclear Disaster Geology Scientists Space Exploration Weather ANCIENT PEOPLE & PLACES 1. NOVA: Decoding the Great Pyramid Stunning new archaeological evidence provides clues about the Egyptians who built...

April 2020 on Knowitall

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Images from content featured in April 2020 on Knowitall.orgThis Month on Knowitall.org: At-Home Learning resources and instructional materials are available from South Carolina ETV and the SC Department of Education. Find more information and links below. For School Library Month and National Poetry Month, literacy, storytelling, poetry and journalism resources abound in our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection! Please see the list of specific dates to keep in mind all through April! Try out our resources for National Public Health Week and World Health Day. We hope you will not only view them but also act on them! View our resources for International Day of Human Space Flight, Earth Day, Yom HaShoah, International Chernobyl Disaster Remembrance Day, Dance Day, International Jazz Day and many more! Dates and resources for additional subject areas are listed below our Libraries, Literature and Learning resources. Scroll down to Dates for Your Calendar and Knowitall Resources In Other Subject Areas.

March 2020 on Knowitall.org

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Graphic including images from content highlighted in March 2020 on KnowitallKnowitall brings you an abundance of content for Women’s History and National Nutrition Months —and it’s all so easy to locate—just a few clicks away! We also have numerous resources for South Carolina Day, World Storytelling Day and World Poetry Day...and more! See below for details! We hope you’ll enjoy exploring—and please encourage your students and their parents to do the same! Please consider linking to Knowitall.org on your school website and teacher pages! https://www.knowitall.org/

February 2020 on Knowitall.org

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Images from content featured in February 2020 on Knowitall.orgFind the Content You Need on African American History—All in One Place—Knowitall! Knowitall Collections make it easy to find what you need! Check out our African American History and Martin Luther King Collections! Visit and explore! We also highlight resources for International Day of Women and Girls in Science and World Day of Social Justice. SC African American History Calendar: February Honoree – Reubin Bookert Rear Admiral Reubin B. Bookert is a native of Columbia, S.C. He graduated from C.A. Johnson High School in 1968 and North Carolina A&T State University with a B.S. degree. He...

January 2020 on Knowitall.org

By Mimi Wortham-Brown

Images from content featured on Knowitall.org in January 2020Happy New Year to all! This month, Knowitall features resources for Martin Luther King Day and African American History Month for use now through February. Our Holocaust Remembrance Collection provides resources for International Day of Commemoration in Memory of the Victims of the Holocaust .