Mike Switzer

Innovation Summit Coming to Charleston

By Mike Switzer

Dirk Brown

Our state’s colleges and universities continue to grow their support for our entrepreneurial community through the development of new programs, degrees, conferences and more.  Our next guest’s institution has been on the forefront of this movement for quite some time.

Local Prognosticator Not Concerned With Market Volatility

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logo

After an unusual two-year period of calm in the stock market, 2018 has seen a return to volatility.  Our next guest says that as a result, he has a lot of investors asking where do we go from here.

Mike Switzer interviews Doug English, a certified financial planner with ACT Advisors in Greenville and Charleston, SC and frequent market prognosticator on this program.

Lowcountry Firm Using 3D Printing to Help Amputees

By Mike Switzer

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SC Launch, the entrepreneurial program from SCRA, recently decided to invest in our next guest’s company because of their unique way of helping lower limb amputees with prosthetics through 3-D printing,

Mike Switzer interviews Barry Hand, co-founder and CEO of Extremiti3D, in John’s Island, SC.

The Early Outlook for Our State's Economy

By Mike Switzer

Joey Von Nessen

The US economy continues to experience healthy gains as we move into the 2nd quarter of 2018. Employment and wage growth have been stronger and in South Carolina, GDP growth is currently outpacing the national average. Yet our next guest warns that new tariffs, a volatile stock market, a shortage of skilled workers, and the prospects of higher inflation have the potential to rock the boat. What should we expect for our state and the nation as we head towards the summer months?

Oyster Conservation Launches New Business

By Mike Switzer

Casey Davidson

As coastal populations increase, a greater strain is put on the marine ecosystem which can cause more habitat and species to be lost each year because of poor water quality. But our next guest says that if we just had more oysters out there, their toxin-filtering ability would be a big help.  So he started an oyster knife company with a goal of doing just that.

Mike Switzer interviews Casey Davidson, founder of Toadfish Outfitters in Charleston, SC.

Celebrating SC's Cultural and Ethnic Diversity

By Mike Switzer

Raj Aluri

You are probably already aware that we live in a diverse, multicultural state.  And once a year, businesses, organizations, and individuals come together in the Midlands to celebrate the music, culture, food and performing arts of the various cultures, nationalities, races and language groups represented in South Carolina.

Mike Switzer interviews Dr. Raj Aluri, director of the Columbia International Festival coming April 14-15 to the state fairgrounds.