Mike Switzer

Planning Grocery Stores

By Mike Switzer

David Beitz

When we last interviewed our next guest, he and his partner had just started a geographics company.  Since then, they discovered a need for a specialized version of their data in the grocery industry.

Mike Switzer interviews David Beitz with Beitz and Daigh in Columbia, SC.

Brewing Up Profits in Florence, SC

By Mike Switzer

Travis Knowles

With certain changes in our state’s beer industry laws over the past few years, more and more former home-brewers are venturing out and starting full-fledged breweries.  And the latest that we have learned about is a partnership between five such individuals in the Pee Dee region of South Carolina.

Mike Switzer interviews Travis Knowles, co-founder of Seminar Brewing in Florence, SC.

The Upside of Filmmaking in SC

By Mike Switzer

Emily and Chris White

For the past several years, our next guests have been working in the trenches of our state’s independent film industry and they say they continue to be amazed how few people are aware of South Carolina’s film incentives that exist to spur the growth of this sector of our economy.

Mike Switzer interviews Chris and Emily White are filmmakers in Greenville, SC and their latest film project is Electric Jesus.

Adult Children and Your Money

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logo

While our next guest agrees that the number one uncomfortable topic for discussion with our children is the “birds and the bees”, he says a close second is talking to your adult children about money.  Which is why he brought with him today some tips on this topic.

Mike Switzer interviews John Cooper, a certified financial planner with Greenwood Capital in Greenwood, SC, and current president of the SC chapter of the Financial Planning Assn.

Bluffton Chef "Tickled and Pickled" With Recent Awards

By Mike Switzer

South Carolina Business Review logo

Food maestros in our state continue to win national awards.  The most recent example is a Lowcountry chef who received recognition for two of her creations earlier this year at the 2018 Good Foods Awards in San Francisco.

Mike Switzer interviews Leslie Rohland, owner of The Juice Hive and Health Emporium in Old Town and the Cottage Cafe, Bakery, and Tea Room in Old Town, Bluffton, SC, who won the pickles category for her Shiso Leaf Kimchi and Low Country Kimchi.

The Ups and Downs of Multi-tasking

By Mike Switzer

Neil McLean

Are you proud of your ability to multi-task? Can you close a deal, hire someone, attend a video conference AND make dinner plans – all while driving your car?  Our next guest says that multi-tasking is a common trait among entrepreneurs but it may also be one that can get out of control.

Mike Switzer interviews Neil McLean, managing partner at Sagacious Partners in Columbia, SC.