Mike Switzer

Helping the Mentally Disadvantaged With Employment

By Mike Switzer

Amy Jolly

It probably comes as no surprise to you that individuals who experience mental illness can also experience difficulties finding meaningful employment.  Which is why our next guest’s organization exists.

Mike Switzer interviews Amy Jolly, executive director of Work in Progress based in Columbia, SC.


Big Changes in Hearing Aids

By Mike Switzer

Michael Arndt

You may have heard recently that hearing aids are going to soon be available over the counter.  Will this be a big disruptor to the hearing industry? Our next guest says yes, but he also adds that much confusion could also result and he says there are other big changes coming to that industry that have not been given much press yet.

Mike Switzer interviews Michael Arndt, owner of Digital Hearing Outlet in Lexington, SC.

Women's Professional Tennis Returns to Daniel Island

By Mike Switzer

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Springtime in South Carolina brings warmer weather and our first big national sporting event for the year.  It’s tennis time in the Lowcountry when the world’s top women players will be in our state competing for ranking points and big money.

Mike Switzer interviews Bob Moran, tournament director at the Volvo Car Open coming to Daniel Island, SC March 30-April 7.

Film Festival Returns to Columbia, SC

By Mike Switzer

Seth Gadsden

Spring brings more than just flowers and warmer temperatures.  In Columbia, it also means the return of an annual film festival that reignites the capital city’s downtown business district.

Mike Switzer interviews Seth Gadsden, director of the 13th Annual Indie Grits Film Festival, coming to Columbia March 28-31.

Homebuilders Face Challenges in Booming Economy

By Mike Switzer

Wade McGuinn

Over the past year, trade wars, immigration fears, and increasing interest rates have dealt a one-two-three punch to the homebuilding industry, causing a slowdown for the first time since the multi-year recovery emerged from the financial meltdown of 11 years ago.  How are the smaller, independent builders faring and how do they feel about the future?

Mike Switzer interviews Wade McGuinn, CEO of McGuinn Hybrid Homes in West Columbia, SC.

Financial Markets and Uncertainty

By Mike Switzer

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As 2019 continues to unfold, many uncertainties still abound.  What will the Federal Reserve do next with interest rates?  Are the trade wars winding down?  Will global and domestic political environments get clearer or cloudier?  Our next guest says uncertainties like these are always a concern to financial markets.

Write Down Your Goals and Limitations

By Mike Switzer

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Most people know what they are trying to accomplish with their investment portfolio: retirement, new house, fund some charities.  But our next guest says these goals can be elusive if you don’t have a written document that outlines your objectives and limitations.

Mike Switzer interviews Chris Cabri, a certified financial planner with Ameriprise Financial Services in Greenwood, SC.

Tax Law Changes Affecting Planning

By Mike Switzer

Eddi Kramer

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed in December 2017, but it’s only now that people are starting to see what it may mean to them personally.  This year’s tax filing season is the first that will actually be affected by that law.  Our next guest says many people are facing this new reality and realizing they should do a bit more planning for their 2019 tax bill


Mike Switzer interviews Eddie Kramer, a certified financial planner with Abacus Planning Group in Columbia, SC.