Mike Switzer

Preparing College Students for Entrepreneurship

By Mike Switzer

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Entrepreneurship is more popular than ever with today’s college students which is why our next guest says that it’s also more important than ever to make sure these students are prepared for the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey.

Mike Switzer interviews Gail DePriest, is a senior lecturer and director of executive leadership & corporate relations with Clemson University’s MBA program in Greenville, SC.

Amazon Delivery Entrepreneurs Busy in SC

By Mike Switzer

Trevor Wright

About a year ago, you may remember hearing that Amazon was offering would-be entrepreneurs the chance to start their own Amazon delivery business with custom Amazon-logoed vans for as little as $10,000.  I’m sure you’ve probably seen some of those vans.  I have and it seems like all of a sudden they are everywhere.  Indeed, our next guest took that plunge and now operates a 22-van operation in the Midlands area of our state.

Mike Switzer interviews Trevor Wright, an Amazon delivery service operator based in West Columbia, SC.

Living, Working, and Playing in Greenville, SC

By Mike Switzer

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Our state’s major metropolitan areas continue to see a lot of new construction activity.  One example that came to our attention recently is a new mixed use development in downtown Greenville.

Mike Switzer interviews Erik Weir, a partner and founder of WCM Global Wealth in Greenville, SC, a lead investor in Camperdown.

SC Continues to Attract New Business

By Mike Switzer

Aaron Erickson

Up until last year, our next guest’s advanced manufacturing company has relied on existing space to expand operations at its six facilities nationwide.  That is until they discovered Blythewood, South Carolina, where they recently completed construction of a new, 140,000 square-foot facility.

Mike Switzer interviews Aaron Erickson, plant manager at Charter NEX Films in Blythewood, SC.

Surprised By Your Tax Return This Year?

By Mike Switzer

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This year was the first tax filing year under The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, and we have heard from some people who were pleasantly surprised at their outcome, as well as some who were shocked over checks they had to write to the IRS.  And that’s why our next guest says that it might be a good idea to do some tax planning now while that most recent return is still fresh in your mind.

Mike Switzer interviews Melissa Bane, a certified financial planner with the Greenville, SC office of Greenwood Capital.

Relieving Entrepreneurial Stress

By Mike Switzer

Renee Manning

Most people would not be surprised to learn that, according to a recent study reported in Inc. magazine, entrepreneurs experience more stress than average employees.  Our next guest believes that stress can be reduced by reconnecting with one’s personal life through storytelling.  An exercise she believes can also help an entrepreneur’s brand awareness.

Mike Switzer interviews Renee Manning, an integrative executive coach and founder of Biggest Small Things podcast in Mount Pleasant, SC.

May is National Bike Month

By Mike Switzer

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Many cities and towns across our state are becoming more bicycle-friendly and they are finding out that that is not only good for residents’ health but also good for local business.  And as a result of this popularity, many new bike clubs are being formed around the Palmetto State, as well.  And, in case you didn’t know, May is National Bike Month.

Mike Switzer interviews David Taylor, director of Momentum Bike Clubs in Greenville, SC