Mike Switzer

Midterm Elections = Stock Market Volatility

By Mike Switzer

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Midterm election years tend to be relatively volatile periods for the financial markets and our next guest says he expects 2018 to finish with that trend intact.

Mike Switzer interviews Doug English, a certified financial planner and our resident market prognosticator with ACT Advisors in Greenville and Charleston, SC.

Spending Marketing Money Efficiently

By Mike Switzer

Ray Owens

When a business owner looks at their marketing budget, they need to determine the best place to spend that money.  Where is the business getting the most bang for its buck?  Our next guest says that measuring your return on your marketing investment can be a confusing process indeed but is possible.

Mike Switzer interviews Ray Owens, CEO of the Greenville, SC consumer insights firm DXM.

Cast Iron Skillets Making Money for SC Entrepreneur

By Mike Switzer

Isaac Morton

If you read Garden and Gun magazine or Bon Appetit, you may have noticed our next guest’s company receiving some accolades for their cast iron skillets.  His company is also one of several that has found a home at the old Charleston Navy Base.

Mike Switzer interviews Isaac Morton, founder of Smithey Ironware in North Charleston, SC.

Including Charities in Your Estate

By Mike Switzer

Corrine Hanna

Most of us make regular donations to charities during our lifetimes, but how many of us think about making room for those charities in our wills and/or estate plans?  Our next guest says there are certainly some things to keep in mind if that is your desire.

Mike Switzer interviews Corrine Hanna, a certified financial planner with Abacus Planning Group in Columbia, SC.

SC Aerospace Conference and Expo, Oct. 9-10

By Mike Switzer

Hossein Haj-Hariri

South Carolina has been in the aerospace industry for many years, but once Boeing came here we have seen exponential growth.  Which is probably why the South Carolina Aerospace Conference & Expo, now in its fifth year, has become one of the most important in the Southeast.

Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

By Mike Switzer

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Huge demographic shifts are happening across our country and in our state that can impact many business models, which is why our next guest says that building a diverse and inclusive workplace should be a priority for a company’s leadership team.

Mike Switzer interviews Nika White with the Greenville, SC Chamber of Commerce, which each year holds a Diversity and Inclusion Summit which is coming up again on October 16th.