Michael Collins

Pockoy Island Dig

By Michael Collins

Bone pinArchaeologists from the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources are in a race to salvage evidence of late archaic shell-ring people who lived on Pockoy Island, located in the Botany Bay Heritage Preserve on the coast of South Carolina, as long as 4300 years ago, after a recent discovery in 2016. Some artifacts found include, shell tools and jewelry, Thom’s Creek pottery, and intricately decorated bone pins. “Typical shell deposits, or middens, tend to be horizontal or mounded, but during the late archaic period, for some puzzling reason, there are these donut-shaped rings,” explains...

Hugo 30th - Effects on Agriculture

By Michael Collins

Rivers familyIn 1989, The River’s Farm was hit by Hurricane Hugo, causing over one million dollars damage to their crops, equipment, and home. Buddy Rivers recounts the terrifying moments during the storm, the aftermath, and the effects on agriculture in his community. Buddy River’s father started The River’s Farm in 1955 on the outskirts of Sumter, South Carolina. Their main row crops were wheat, corn, cotton, soy beans, and peanuts. In 1979, once Buddy had finished college and married his sweetheart, he joined his father in the farming business. The farm underwent challenges, including a massive drought...