Max Laro

Fulfilling My Nerd Dreams | Endowment Intern Max

By Max Laro

Stock Editing SuiteWhile COVID has still prevented me from reaping the full benefits that a normal ETV intern receives, I’ve still had some pretty rare opportunities that I’m grateful for. This past week I got my first chance to use a professional editing suite. It had 3 computer monitors, a sound mixer, a set of speakers, and pro-grade editing software. It was a big nerd moment for me to be able to use that. I was like a little girl going to Disney for the first time and getting to meet my favorite Disney princess. The best part about it was that I wasn’t just doing a little meet and greet with my favorite...

A Look into the First Day of an SCETV Intern | Endowment Intern Max

By Max Laro

Photo of SelfToday was my first day at SCETV’s Columbia station. As I sit here reflecting on my day with a refrigerated and questionably fresh slice of pizza, one major feature of the ETV station and its staff strikes me: their resilience. Despite the worldwide pandemic affecting workplaces around the country leaving so many Americans unsure about their livelihoods and even their lives, the ETV station seems to be an island of tranquility among a sea of turmoil. Everyone at the station was remarkably cognizant of social distance, and the implicit rules that they needed to follow to keep ETV staff safe. I...