Laura-Ellen Adair

Smiling Faces Beautiful Places | Endowment Intern Laura-Ellen

By Laura-Ellen Adair

Me filming for our restaurant series in McClellanville

All week I have been editing the restaurant series we’ve been working on this summer. However, on Thursday I got to help film an episode of SCETV’s digital series Our Town. We packed up the car and ventured back to Cheraw, South Carolina. I visited Cheraw a few weeks earlier to film and eat in one of the restaurants. One of the biggest parts of Our Town is not catching a glimpse of life in a small town but rather getting to know its people. Throughout the day we met several lovely people on and off-camera. 

Post-Production Fun | Endowment Intern Laura-Ellen

By Laura-Ellen Adair

Taking the drone out for a spin in preparation for a series

This week has been rather calm compared to the business of the last two weeks filming on location. The break from filming is good because my team and I finally had a chance to sit down and comb through the footage we got. We really needed to watch and discuss our footage in order to improve for the rest of the filming days ahead. Since we are working on two shows right now, we still have a lot of planning and filming to do. However, a week with no filming means getting to do what I do best - editing.

From the Pimento Cheese to the Sweet Potato Casserole | Endowment Intern Laura-Ellen

By Laura-Ellen Adair

All smiles when it comes to asking interview questions

An expression that I’ve always heard growing up in South Carolina is “from the mountains to the sea” because South Carolina is unique for its coast and mountains wrapped into one state. While we have a series in the works promoting beautiful spots around S.C., the one we’re diving into encompasses the South’s unique cuisine. From the pimento cheese to the sweet potato casserole, eating across the state is certainly a perk of creating a series centered on food.

Preparation | Endowment Intern Laura-Ellen

By Laura-Ellen Adair

Me posing in front of fun SCETV wallpaper

Week 2 has been all about preparation, whether that’s preparing marketing strategies for an upcoming meeting, or arranging interviews and locations for filming. No matter the length, every piece of content needs some kind of pre-planning. This past week I've been helping to coordinate over six filming dates all over South Carolina. Persistence is a must because sometimes you must call and email multiple times before you receive an answer. For this reason, budgeting extra time when reaching out to people is a smart idea.

Content For The Win | Endowment Intern Laura-Ellen

By Laura-Ellen Adair

A picture of me testing out the new customizable camera this week.

In my first week of interning at SCETV, I’ve learned that flexibility is key. Your day can change in an instant whether it’s a meeting that gets pushed back or weather that moves your camera test indoors. My goal for the summer is to experience a little bit of everything. I work in content development here and so far I’ve been helping to lay the foundation for two new web series. I’ve researched, wrote preliminary scripts and reached out to restaurant owners to see if they would like to be featured on one of the shows we’re gearing up for.