Karina Young

Winthrop Student Organization Inspired by Coachella

By Karina Young


With live music and student artists, a Ferris wheel, foam pit, water balloon fights, “WUchella” letters, hair braiding, and food—WUchella was born—all thanks go to the DiGiorgio Student Union (DSU) at Winthrop University

This year’s WUchella event hosted by DSU was the second annual music festival at Winthrop. They were inspired by the annual music festival, Coachella, that is held in California. DSU member, Kayla Cook, spoke about the purpose of this event. 

Winthrop Student Creates Hip Hop Foundation in Honor of Her Father

By Karina Young

Alisha Sweatt at one of her Hip Hop Makes me Feel Presentations

Lover of Hip Hop, Alisha Sweatt, uses her personal experiences to make new connections within herself and with others.  

Sweatt developed a strong, deep passion for Hip Hop when her father, DJ and producer, passed away in 2005 at a young age. To cope with his death, she made a connection with him by listening to Hip Hop. 

“I just looked at Hip Hop to help me through it,” she said. “So, that’s where it really turned into a real passion.”