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"Carolina Classrooms: STEAM" Nov. 27 at 7 p.m. on SCETV

By Karen Hermann

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It’s the time of year to give thanks and the "Carolina Classrooms" team has plenty to be grateful for this year! SC students and educators are always at the top of the list, along with you, our viewers, and to show our appreciation we’ve got a very special episode of "Carolina Classrooms" planned for November 27 at 7 p.m. Produced by ETV Education, this series provides information on K-12 education in our state.

Carolina Classrooms: Teach Like Finland (Watch Online)

By Karen Hermann

Finland classroom

On August 28 at 7:00-7:30 p.m., ETV’s Carolina Classrooms will feature a special that looks into best practices as we continue to address key issues facing our South Carolina schools. Carolina Classrooms is ETV’s monthly educational series for teachers, parents, and all citizens invested in the education of our children.

Carolina Classrooms: Celebrating Teachers (Watch Online)

By Karen Hermann

Image from May 2019 Carolina Classrooms

Carolina Classrooms, ETV’s monthly educational series, celebrates teachers with a special program featuring segments with finalists for our new SC Teacher of the Year and profiles of other outstanding South Carolina educators. Watch May 29, 7:00-8:00 p.m. on SCETV!

Carolina Classrooms: Applying for College - Available Online Now!

By Karen Hermann

Carolina Classrooms: Applying for College Panelist

Carolina Classrooms: Applying for College airs March 27, 7:00 – 8:00 PM on SCETV.

The hour-long program features an important panel discussion with the Commission on Higher Education and admissions representatives from South Carolina colleges and universities. These professionals provide key information about the college application process and offer advice to high school students.

How to Teach Your Children Healthy Eating Habits

By Karen Hermann

A family shares a meal at the table.

Christy Maloney, LD, LDN offers some suggestions on teaching healthy eating habits to children. 

She says involving kids in the preparation of meals not only teaches them good habits, but also makes them more interested in the food they are eating. 

Teacher Engagement in the Education Process

By Karen Hermann

Dr. Lisa Johnson, Associate Dean of the Richard W. Riley School of Education at Winthrop University


Dr. Lisa Johnson, Associate Dean of the Richard W. Riley School of Education at Winthrop University, says teacher engagement in the political process, including voting, is the best way for teachers to make their voices heard in South Carolina.

At Winthrop University, part of teacher training is an awareness of the education process.


Building Occupational Opportunities in the Midlands

By Karen Hermann

Students in the BOOM Program learned construction techniques by building small houses.

Richland School Districts One and Two, Lexington-Richland District Five, Midlands Education & Business Alliance, S.C. Vocational Rehabilitation, Midlands Workforce and the Building Industry Association of Central South Carolina partnered with Midlands Technical College to offer the BOOM program. BOOM stands for Building Occupational Opportunities in the Midlands and is an effort to provide qualified candidates for jobs in the construction field, and to assist students who may not otherwise receive a diploma.