K. Park and T. Safdi

Riverbanks Zoo on Preparing for Hurricane Irma

By K. Park and T. Safdi

Riverbanks Zoo

Monkeys in offices and flamingos in public bathrooms? Those are just a few places where Riverbanks Zoo has housed animals during storms in the past. 

With Hurricane Irma looming in the Caribbean, the staff at the zoo are continuing to work hard to make sure animals and their keepers are safe and sound through the possible heavy winds. It's something they've been preparing for since May. 

Postcard From the Past Mobilizes a Columbia Historic Church to Restoration

By K. Park and T. Safdi

Ebenezer Lutheran Church

“We’re excited to be a part of history today,” said Jane George Holmes.

Holmes is a member of Ebenezer Lutheran Church, which saw an exciting addition of two new cupolas to its storied chapel on Monday, February 6. Construction crews readied cranes to hoist the cupolas into the Columbia skyline, as members of the community and the congregation gathered to watch from the sidewalks below. The group broke into a joyous rendering of the hymn, “Lift High the Cross,” as the cupolas, topped with white crosses, were gently placed atop the chapel's columns.