Imelda Golden and Cassidy Haynes

Our Last Hurrah: Endowment Interns Cassidy and Imelda

By Imelda Golden and Cassidy Haynes

Beaufort Baptist Church

As we round the corner into our final days as interns at SCETV, we’ve endeavored to gather as much B-roll and supplemental footage for By the River as we can. This past week, we’ve made several stops across the Lowcountry, all of which will be featured in the upcoming author series. Here are just a few of our favorites.

5. Beaufort History Museum- The Arsenal on Craven Street

Five Must-See Places in Beaufort County

By Imelda Golden and Cassidy Haynes

Church of the Cross in Old Town Bluffton

During our first two weeks as interns, we've traveled all across the Lowcountry, touring and taking photographs of its most beautiful, intrguing, and noteworthy places. From waterfronts and playgrounds, to churches and memorials, here are our five must-see places in Beaurfort, shown in descending order: 

5. Shelter Cove Community Park