Elias Saliba

The Parish Church of St. Helena

By Elias Saliba

St. Helena's Church

The Parish Church of St. Helena is one of the oldest standing structures in the Lowcountry area of South Carolina. Its rich three-hundred year history holds stories from our nation's many ups and many downs, yet it still stands today as it did in 1842. It represents a congregation that has been through several high and low points, but has grown immensely over the years. St. Helena's is one of the landmarks that draws visitors to Beaufort, so it is important to know and understand its history. 

Remembering Our Military: The Beaufort National Cemetery

By Elias Saliba

Beaufort National Cemetery

With almost 20,000 interments from every major American Conflict resting here, the Beaufort National Cemetery is a significant representation of our nation's history. It is a place to pay our respects to the thousands of men and women who gave up everything in order to make sure their families and future descendants lived a prosperous life.

Happy Independence Day!

We remember...

Video Shot and edited by Eli Saliba

16-Year Old Artist on Path to Great Things

By Elias Saliba

Artist Anthony Johnson  | Photo Credit by Elias Saliba

Sixteen year-old Beaufort artist, Anthony Johnson of Whale Branch Early College High School, is on a path to greatness. His unique artwork holds his thoughts and feelings literally and figuratively within them. With his pieces including portraits of Jimi Hendrix, Marilyn Monroe, and Pat Conroy, they are not something you want to miss.

See what the artist has to say about his work and the inspiration for it in ETV Lowcountry's one-on-one interview with Anthony Johnson.

Halfway Point | Endowment Intern Eli

By Elias Saliba

Still taken at Beaufort National Cemetery

It is hard to believe I am almost halfway through with my summer internship here at SCETV Lowcountry. The time has flown by! I started off my fifth week by using Monday to do some preliminary research for an upcoming video project. The project will focus on giving a brief history of historical monuments and/or places located here around the Beaufort area. It has been really interesting to see how much history lies within this county. 

An Eventful Week 4 | Endowment Intern Eli

By Elias Saliba

Outside the fences of Allendale Correctional Institution

The spot next to the garage where the control truck once sat is empty. The studio where hundreds of wires and three cameras once laid is bare. It was definitely a different feeling knowing that By The River was over, but it is time to look forward to new projects and shoots. When my supervisor, Holly, and I arrived, the first thing we did was discuss what my own project would be for the rest of my time here at ETV Lowcountry. The rest of the week I will be gathering information in hopes of finding a great story from around the area.

Week 3 in the Books | Endowment Intern Eli

By Elias Saliba

ETV Lowcountry is located on the TCL campus

It is hard to believe I am already finishing up my third week interning with SCETV. This week is also the last week of production for By The River, so it is kind of sad, but mainly a sense of accomplishment, for all of us at SCETV and USCB. I truly feel like I’ve learned a lot about television production and gained a lot of useful experience for the career path I hope to take in the future. For the most part, we stuck to the routine of filming our last few episodes of By The River.

Week 2 in Beaufort | Endowment Intern Eli

By Elias Saliba

Staff preparing for By the River in the studio

After getting into the swing of things the first week, I felt more comfortable about what my jobs were and the importance of them, in terms of the whole production. Some of the jobs included starting up the graphics board inside the control room, adjusting props on-set for lighting, helping to put microphones on guests, and making sure the mics had new batteries after every two shows. My main job for production of By The River was operating camera one.