Dynestee Fields

Greenwood Genetics Center Junior Genetics Scholars Camp

By Dynestee Fields

Students line up outside of the Greenwood Genetics Center Mobile Science Lab


Each year, the Greenwood Genetics Center hosts the Junior Genetics Scholars Camp, inviting twenty-four 10th through 12th grade students to its campus. This summer camp, which takes place during one, five-day week in July, explores topics such as basic laboratory techniques, human variation, global health and the environmental impact on human disease, gene structures, animals as model organisms, and careers in the life sciences.

Birds, Trees, and Mancke

By Dynestee Fields

Looking through trees at a river

On Monday, August 12, four people from SCETV loaded into a van and travelled into the forests of Wofford, S.C. Here, the birds chirped, the gnats buzzed, and the trees offered little protection from the heat of the unforgiving sun. I was one of the people on this adventure. 

The purpose of our excursion was to film intros and outros for an educational course featuring the naturalist Rudy Mancke.

New Faces and Vibrant Places

By Dynestee Fields

SCETV Studio in Columbia, SC


Interning in the Education Division of SCETV (Columbia) has vastly expanded my world, and in the process, has given me a new perspective on the interconnections between education and media.