Connor Boulet

Finding Young Farmers to Bear the Heat and Carry the Pitchfork

By Connor Boulet

Hugh Weathers, the South Carolina Agriculture Commissioner, in front of an emblem certifying locally sourced South Carolina produce

South Carolina's farming industry remains a stalwart economic engine. With approximately 25,000 farms over 4.9 million acres of land, the Palmetto State's agricultural community maintains its relevance in South Carolinians' day-to-day lives. In a changing world, though, South Carolina's farming industry still continues to face the same old problems that it has for years. A common denominator for a successful crop is the weather, and this equaled a negative for this year's summer produce crop in the Palmetto State.

How the South Carolina Film Industry Stays Relevant Against Stiff Competition

By Connor Boulet

S.C. Film Commission logo

The film industry provides much needed economic impact for South Carolina, netting $61 million in revenue for the state in 2018. The revenue is generated through the South Carolina Film Commission, which provides a $15 million dollar annual subsidy to filmmakers. The subsidy is funneled to the state's film commission through the state's government.