Cassidy Haynes

By The River B-Roll

By Cassidy Haynes

Cassidy Haynes shoots B-roll at the Citadel These past two weeks have been a whirlwind. We've been traveling all around South Carolina and gathering footage for the upcoming show By the River . Imelda Golden and I will be assisting Dr. Caroline Sawyer in the show’s post-production. The series will feature local authors being interviewed about their books and the significance of the Lowcountry as a backdrop in literature. Charleston was our first stop for B-roll. One of the authors featured on the new series is Lauren Rule-Maxwell, who runs a children’s writing camp at the Citadel. We spent a morning and afternoon there, getting footage...

Friday at the Frampton House | Endowment Intern Cassidy

By Cassidy Haynes

Frampton House PlantationAs we round the corner of our fourth week, I look back on all the places we’ve visited, so far, with a fond appreciation. There is a wealth of wisdom to be gained from meeting new people and listening to their stories, but one of the most interesting ones we’ve heard to date has been from the Frampton House. The Frampton House, currently serving as the tourism center for the Lowcountry, is an old plantation home from the 1860s. Located on Low Country Lane in Yemassee, S.C., it's been converted into a museum and houses not only artifacts from the Antebellum period, but those from the early and...

Discovering the Lowcountry | ETV Endowment Intern Cassidy

By Cassidy Haynes

Sgt. Jasper Park in HardeevilleHi, everyone! I’m Cassidy Haynes, and I’m interning at the Beaufort SCETV station. In this first week alone, I’ve traveled to Hunting Island, Columbia, and Hardeeville, and so far it’s been a blast. I’m incredibly grateful to have an opportunity to see first-hand the work that goes into journalism and news reporting, and to share the highlights of my experience here. The first project assigned to my coworker, Imelda, and I is to capture photographs of iconic landmarks from each part of the county we reach. So far, we've had some interesting finds. On Tuesday, my boss, Holly, took Imelda and...