C. Lowe and B. Simmons

A Glimpse into Belly Dancing in Spartanburg | Student Media Project

By C. Lowe and B. Simmons

BellydancingGeorgia Burnett has been belly dancing since 2005. She now has her own studio, Bella Dance Studio in Spartanburg, where she offers a wide range of belly dancing classes. Burnett spoke with us on the benefits, styles, and history of belly dancing. It is believed belly dancing began as a way to make childbirth easier, considering there were no hospitals and pain medications then. Mothers would teach their daughters the moves and ways of belly dancing, and then the daughters would do so for their daughters. There are many different styles of belly dancing, but one of the more well-known styles...

Sparkle City Mini Putt | Student Media Project

By C. Lowe and B. Simmons

photo of mini golfHUB BUB is a group located in Spartanburg, known for creating fun and exciting things for the people of Spartanburg to do. Through their Artists-in-Residence (AiRs) program, they were able bring a mini-putt course to downtown Spartanburg called Sparkle City Mini Putt. Robin Schwartzman, a 2015 AiR, is the creator behind the mini-putt course. She created this nine-hole course as the final product in her stay with the AiRs program. Each hole incorporates a different aspect of Spartanburg into it. One example of this is the cap and gown hole; this hole shows off the different colleges of...

The Palmetto Statesmen | Student Media Project

By C. Lowe and B. Simmons

Palmetto StatesmenThe Barbershop Harmony Society, a nonprofit organization of more than 30,000 men, has a chapter in Spartanburg called The Palmetto Statesmen. These men love to dress up in tuxedos and deliver roses to unexpected sweethearts on and around Valentine’s Day. One could say it is a specialty of theirs. The Spartanburg local chapter has more than 50 men who perform singing Valentines this year. Singing Valentines is a tradition that has been around for close to 51 years now, according to the group. Singing Valentines will feature a barbershop quartet in tuxedos singing two love songs and handing out...