Ashley Fort

Why all 21st-century educators must teach media literacy & how

By Ashley Fort

photo of teacher and students looking at a laptop screen togetherFrom our Educator Guest Blogger Series With technology being an integral part of classrooms and students’ lives in general, I realize that my job as a teacher involves helping students successfully navigate the online world. My goal this year is to help every student develop 21st-century skills, including being responsible users of technology and critical consumers of media they encounter. As a teacher reading this, you are likely integrating digital media in your classroom. I challenge you, too, in the new year to include media literacy as a part of your daily instruction. But you may wonder...

Ideas for Teachers to Incorporate Digital Citizenship into Their Instruction

By Ashley Fort

Teacher in front of classroom of students with tabletsFrom our Educator Guest Blogger Series Many teachers feel overwhelmed by everything they already have to do in the classroom each day and can’t imagine having to do one more thing! Many teachers using technology complain about the management aspect of 1:1 initiatives. However, digital citizenship instruction can go a long way to improving classroom management in a 21st-century classroom. In fact, any teacher incorporating technology into their teaching must also teach students to be responsible digital citizens. But why are teachers responsible for teaching digital citizenship? Part of our...