Ann Bailey

South Carolina Flag Not Official

By Ann Bailey

SC flag

Most South Carolinians find unique points of pride within their state—sweet tea, coastal wildlife, and shag-dancing are staples of its culture. Additionally, many South Carolina residents are particularly proud of a famed symbol: its flag. A white crescent rests in suspension to the upper left of a palm tree, against a navy blue background. Numerous forums and polls have voted it one of the prettiest state flags in the country (if not the prettiest), and it is printed on everything from koozies to cuff links. However, the design is not official.

Art Installation Series Brings Light to Spartanburg

By Ann Bailey

Lighten Up Spartanburg

In recent years, Spartanburg, South Carolina has experienced rapid growth with the introduction of new hotels and apartment buildings, in addition to its multitude of independent businesses. Nestled in the upstate, the town that was once known only for its railroad lines is now stapled with much more. To commemorate the bright expansion of her developing town, Elizabeth Goddard, Executive Director of the Spartanburg Art Museum, decided to introduce some light of her own.