Aniya Mahaffey

The latest developments on COVID-19: Attractions reopen, 52,273 cases, 922 deaths, widespread testing available

By Aniya Mahaffey

Reported COVID-19 cases by week in South CarolinaGov. Henry McMaster Lifts Stay at Home Order, Reopens Attractions, Businesses, Bars and Dine-in Restaurants, Beaches, Parks and Sports Quick Facts: --DHEC reports 52,273 cases in all 46 counties Map -Total negative tests: 507,870 -922 deaths have been reported. Nearly all of the patients were elderly with underlying health conditions. Mortality demographic data -All non-essential businesses are closed as of April 1. -All South Carolina K-12 schools are closed through the school year. -How South Carolinians Can Protect Themselves Evidence is increasing about the high rates of infection in...

“Now you know, and knowing is half the battle”

By Aniya Mahaffey

African Americans taking part in Independence Day. After each thought-provoking episode of the childhood cartoon, G.I. Joe, a public service announcement was offered supporting societal issues. That announcement was followed by a famous moniker that made the show legendary: “Now you know. And knowing is half the battle." This epithet resounds loudly in my spirit as America grapples with her truth being revealed. Did you know Black people were not allowed access to vanilla ice cream, even though the specific sweetness and taste was developed and perfected by a Black man by the name of Edmund Albuis? Black people were only allowed vanilla ice...

Virtual Summer Internship | Endowment Intern Aniya

By Aniya Mahaffey

Aniya MahaffeyMonday, 16 March 2020, will be a day that I will never forget. This marks the day that changed my educational learning trajectory in an unimaginable way. In a matter of two weeks, classroom learning transitioned to an all virtual platform. As a college senior, thankfully, I understood virtual learning, from previous online courses and possess a savvy technical skillset. Thus, learning during this internship would be completed via a virtual setting, I was not only thrilled that the opportunity was still viable, I knew I would be able to perform all tasks and rise to the occasion. Transitioning...