Andrew Davis

SCETV Endowment, Southern Campaign Tour, Stop 4 - Kings Mountain

By Andrew Davis

Here, patriot militiamen won a crucial victory against the British.

The final stop on the SC ETV Endowment's Southern Campaign Tour was Kings Mountain National Battlefield.  Kings Mountain is a rocky, wooded hill on the border of North and South Carolina. This site also played host to several U.S. Presidents: President Herbert Hoover spoke there at the 150th anniversary of the battle, and President Jimmy Carter visited in 2011. 

SCETV Endowment, Southern Campaign Tour, Stop 3 - Historic Brattonsville

By Andrew Davis

Historic Brattonsville, where the "Battle At Williamson's Plantation," or "Huck's Defeat" took place.

On the last day of the ETV Endowment's Southern Campaign Tour, tourists visited two locations. The first of the two was Historic Brattonsville, which is the site of "Battle At Williamson's Plantation," or "Huck's Defeat." In this battle, patriot militia, led by Colonel William Bratton, defeated the British Legion, commanded by Loyalist Captain Christian Huck. 

"History In A Nutshell" - A New Series On!

By Andrew Davis

The intro to each video will feature historical figures from various parts of world history, popping out from a giant nutshell.

Last week featured the debut of's newest series, called "History In A Nutshell." This series will address topics which are presently either scarce, or non-existent on Knowitall. These videos will be tied to the curriculum standards, with the help of ETV's curriculum specialists, Lisa Ray and Lewis Huffman. The name "History In A Nutshell" seemed to be a good, fitting name for the series, since the lengths of the videos will be ten minutes or less. 

SCETV Endowment, Southern Campaign Tour, Stop 2 - Ninety-Six Star Fort

By Andrew Davis

Dr. Walter Edgar poses for a picture with several ETV employees: Steve Folks, Arthur Joseph, and William Richardson

On day two of the ETV Endowment's Southern Campaign Tour, visitors got a chance to see Old Ninety-Six National Historic Site, in present-day Greenwood County, South Carolina. Around the time of the Revolution, Ninety-Six was not just a British stronghold; it was also an important trading post for colonists, and Native Americans, namely the Cherokee. During the tour, Dr.

SCETV Endowment, Southern Campaign Tour, Stop 1 - Cowpens

By Andrew Davis

General Daniel Morgan On His Horse

Late last month, a three day series of tours occurred, for the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution. This tour was made possible with the cooperation between the SCETV Endowment, and the National Park Service. The guides who took guests throughout the tour were South Carolina historian Dr. Walter Edgar, and Ranger John Slaughter, of the National Park Service.  The first day of the tour was a rainy one, but everyone was in good spirits. After coffee, and an opening statement from Dr. Edgar, the group departed for the tour.